You can paddle through an abandoned mine in Kentucky in a clear kayak


Perhaps you have paddled kayaks on lakes or along rivers. But have you ever strapped on a headlamp and stepped into a cave to explore an abandoned limestone mine in a clear bottom kayak with a neon glow illuminating your subterranean surroundings?

In the Red River Gorge area near Slade, Kentucky (about an hour’s drive from Lexington), Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Kentucky leads this bucket list-worthy “Krystal Kayak and SUP Glow” kayaking tour. TO DO.

Multi-colored LED lights illuminate the cave, and the kayak‘s clear construction allows paddlers to spot rainbow trout roaming the waters. Fish are known to follow the circuit.

Here’s an image the company posted on Facebook showing the experience:

Other highlights of the tour include visiting an underground waterfall and spotting brown bats napping in the nooks and crannies of the cave’s limestone walls (assuming you’re good with the winged nocturnal creatures ).

The geological area of ​​the Red River Gorge region as a whole is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground, with more than 150 sandstone arches inside the Daniel Boone National Forest – the only area within west of the Rocky Mountains to have this type of arch. The Red River Gorge covers 29,000 acres and is also filled with jagged cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

The 90-minute guided kayak tour includes headlamps and you can choose between a single or tandem kayak. You can also do it on a stand-up paddle if you prefer. Adult tickets start at $75. Group size is limited to eight people aged 5 and over.

Here is another view of the visit from inside the old limestone mine:

If caves and bat encounters aren’t quite your brand of adventure, Kentucky Outfitter offers other great tours. You can paddleboard to Cumberland Falls and feel the mist from the 62-foot waterfall there; the famous gusher is nicknamed the “Niagara of the South”. Or explore Grayson Grotto, where you can discover up to seven secluded waterfalls during a 3-hour paddleboard tour.

What do you think? Are you on an adventurous cave kayak tour?

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