You can kayak on Lake Tahoe, and it’s the best way to see this crystal-clear waterway


Kayaking in Lake Tahoe is the best way to explore its scenery, and with the water so clear, it will be like floating on glass.

Lake Tahoe, located on the California-Nevada border, has been the center of attraction since the 1860s. An article by Bluelake Inn highlights the fascinating facts and must-see history of Tahoe. More than that, this lakeside basin is known to have some of the bluest and most transparent waters in the world. It is simply the ideal place for your next vacation.

This aquatic paradise is known for its many water adventures without resistance. As the largest alpine lake, it is ideal for activities such as kayaking. As well as enjoying magnificent views and taking a rejuvenating dip in its refreshing waters, enjoy paddling along its 72 mile shoreline. However, planning a visit to Lake Tahoe could become a tedious endeavor due to private properties. So here is the guide every traveler needs to kayak on North America’s largest alpine lake.

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

Paddling during different seasons at Lake Tahoe is no problem. Each season offers distinct adventures that add more fun to a traveler’s experience.


This season offers the best perfect weather for kayaking. At this time of year, be sure to bring company as tourism is low. Best to visit during warm seasons as the lake waters are freezing cold. Always check the weather and look for the best sunny day, as the water is generally calmer. Visiting at its best means a perfect paddling experience.


If freezing temperatures of 42 degrees Fahrenheit aren’t a problem, be sure to paddle Lake Tahoe. Not only can a traveler still experience the waters in freezing weather, Lake Tahoe is also home to Waterman’s Landing Café, which offers hot drinks, perfect after kayaking.


Summer is the best season for vacations and water adventures. The sunny and humid temperature makes the water even more appreciated. Lake Tahoe kayak rental shops are open May through September. Therefore, more activities are available during these months, including motorboats, jet skis, and boating. Remember to bring your sunscreen, as summer is where the sun is at its peak.

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If a traveler isn’t a fan of extreme temperatures, fall is a great time to visit. The water is still warm during this season, and the weather is not too hot as winter approaches. As the school year begins in the fall, there are generally fewer people and therefore fewer activities. It is best to bring company as it is likely that you will be the only ship on the lake.

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Travel costs to Lake Tahoe

Travel costs vary when traveling alone, as a couple or as a family. The cheapest trip costs around $ 100 per person for a budget-skeptical traveler. Below are the average travel costs, which range from $ 1,286 to $ 9,160.

  • Solo traveler: $ 1,286 to $ 3,499 with an average cost of $ 185 to $ 500 per day.
  • Couple traveler: $ 2,374 to $ 5,488 with an average cost of $ 339 to $ 784 per day.
  • Family of 4: $ 3,986 to $ 9,160 with an average cost of $ 567 to $ 1,309 per day.

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How to get to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is not only rich in clear water, but it offers convenient travel for any traveler by land or air.


Traveling by plane to Lake Tahoe is easy and convenient. It offers local and international flights which connect easily to many airports in different countries. Reno-Tahoe International Airport is just 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe, making it the closest airport to the area. With nine airlines to choose from, a traveler can enjoy the flight of their choice.

Choosing the cheapest time to fly would reduce the traveler’s expenses. Flight costs are most reasonable in January and February, followed by August through November. In contrast, December and the summer months between June and July are the most expensive. Early spring flights can range from $ 900 to $ 1,000 and in early fall, from $ 800 to $ 1,000. It is also wise to consider the airline of preference. Flights to Los Angeles (LAX) are generally cheaper than those to Santa Barbara (SBA). Here is a list of the cheapest airlines to choose from:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Frontier airlines
  • Alaska Airlines

Land travel

Travelers from the United States can still opt for overland travel with trains and buses available. Lake Tahoe is a 2 hour drive from Sacramento International Airport and 3.5 hours from San Francisco and Oakland.

Buses and shuttles are available when landing at Reno-Tahoe International Airport and on the Amtrak California Zephyr Line, which stops in the Truckee, Denver, and Bay areas.

Tips for Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is bigger and deeper than it looks. It is 24 miles long, 1,645 feet deep and 12 miles wide with 72 miles of shoreline. Paddling through it requires extreme caution. Travelers must wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) or life jacket with a leash attached to the board.

Bring a dry bag for your appliances and other necessities, water to stay hydrated, and food to eat on the ride, as it can take 7-12 hours to travel its shore. There are rental shops available in the area where a traveler can rent a board and paddle. Finally, a traveler can check out the Lake Tahoe Aquatic Trail to help identify routes around the lake.

Lake Tahoe is full of wonders that offer a wide range of water activities. It is open all year round for your convenience. Remember to always plan well and be prepared to enjoy the whole experience!

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