WWII explosive device discovered by fishing boat


NARRAGANSETT, RI (WJAR) — A fishing boat off Rhode Island has made a startling and historic discovery.

Captain Glenn Westcott said he usually picks up fish in the Ocean State, but a catch on Tuesday involved something unusual: a World War II relic.

“It’s not something that happens every day,” he said.

Westcott said his crew dredged up the mysterious object about four nautical miles east of Black Island.

“They saw him go down on the net and they were suspicious of something,” he said.

The Navy Region Mid Atlantic said the object was a depth charge. The charge weighed 520 pounds and contained 267 pounds of TNT.

“It was scary having him on the boat for so long,” Westcott said.

Westcott called the Coast Guard after the discovery, and a team picked him and his crew up and took them to a safe area.

The Navy Mobile Explosives Ordnance Unit in Newport took care of the device.

The video captured the load being lifted from the boat.

The charge detonated safely Wednesday morning about a mile offshore. Despite the distance, the impact was still felt.

“A popping sucking noise,” Westcott said. “It was like someone was coiling like a big hammer against the side of the boat.”

This is not the first time that fishermen from the region have brought back unusual objects.

A few others said they occasionally grabbed mysterious body parts and helmets.


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