Work on Pine Street Bridge in Poplar Bluff to affect drivers and boaters


POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) – Renovations to the Pine Street Bridge in Poplar Bluff will affect how some residents navigate the city.

Scheduled to begin in the next few months, people may need to find alternative routes to travel.

“We have about 13,000 people a day crossing these bridges,” City Manager Matt Winters said.

He said there are two bridges over West Pine, one for eastbound traffic and another for westbound traffic, and all four lanes remain busy.

“A lot of people come into town, and a lot of people drive from the east side of Poplar Bluff to the more commercial area of ​​Poplar Bluff. So there is a lot of traffic.

The West Pine Bridge in Poplar Bluff has been a community staple since it was built in 1934. With construction soon to begin, residents should expect delays and disruptions.

“I think the biggest impact is going to be on vehicular traffic. They’ll cut it from four lanes to two right there. To cross the bridge,” Winters said.

He said boat traffic on the Black River will also be affected during construction, but people will be alerted to what to do when work begins.

“MoDOT will provide this information. Public announcements and postings that we will be sure to get to work to communicate to residents here.

He asks the public to be patient as the Missouri Department of Transportation works to protect them.

“We are confident that they will get out of this as quickly as possible,” he said. “We are here to help, work and support them. And this bridge is going to be built and it will be a nice addition to our community and safer for our residents and the people who cross these bridges.

The MoDOT-sponsored project is estimated at around $3.3 million.

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