Woman injured in boating accident in park at home after hospital


CHICAGO — A woman who lost her feet and parts of her legs in a boating accident on Lake Michigan has now been discharged from hospital.

In video obtained by WGN News, Lana Batochir said she was no longer at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and had returned home following an August 13 accident in the non-hazardous area. Clock north of Navy Pier, an area often referred to as the ‘Baby Park.’

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The video shows Batochir hugging her children, whom her lawyer Francis Patrick Murphy said she was “looking forward” to seeing amid her recovery. Doctors cleared the mother-of-two for outpatient rehabilitation.

Batochir said she feels “good” and has relatively good mobility using a motorized wheelchair.

Batochir was injured after a boat allegedly overturned an inflatable raft she and her friend were on. The boat’s propeller severed the feet of Batochir, who underwent multiple surgeries to amputate both legs 10 inches below the knee.

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Another woman was seriously injured.

“I still have a long way to go but I’m enjoying every little step,” Batochir said of him. GoFundMe pagewhich raised over $185,000.


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