Winsted’s Morsel Munk opens online country store


WINSTED — Morsel Munk, an outdoor lifestyle and gift shop, had a busy Christmas season on Main Street, where owners Scott and Brigitte Rouleau have had their business since 2011.

The store is open Saturdays and by appointment for now, but has just launched an online country store.

“The Vermont Country Store was always a place my family visited when I was growing up,” Brigitte Rouleau said. “We started thinking about how we could bring that kind of fun shopping here.”

The campaign store, which can be found on the store’s homepage,, offers a variety of products: Sun Bum and Naked Bee skincare, Candy Club, along with specialty candies and treats, fragrances Mixology, Tavern Puzzles, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty and Funky. Rock Designs with custom stone drink dispensers, complete with a tap. All of these can be found in the retail store or ordered online, the owners said.

“It’s a way for people to shop for something fun, for themselves or for their family,” said Brigitte Rouleau. “We wanted to add that extra layer to the website and sell more stuff that they will really enjoy.”

Much of Morsel Munk’s merchandise is part of the Rollers’ four established trademarks. These include the Morsel Munk brand, named after a chipmunk they saw while hiking in Salisbury one day. Depictions of male and female “chippies” were designed by former local artist Guy Gilchrist, and can be found on the Rouleaus’ own vehicles and on clothing for children and adults.

The Morsel Munk Word Stump is another – it’s a puzzle book the couple released after developing their own word game, in 2008. The book is available in-store or online for $5.99. Their Docktails brand includes a line of sturdy, practical yet pretty drinks designed for boating and camping, and a line of clothing. And the phrase “have fun grow young” expressly belongs to the Rollers, and is used for various lines of gift items.

In person, what stands out in the retail store are the brightly colored water apparel and gear, fun music, a range of Keen flip flops and shoes, designed for outdoor activities like hiking and snorkeling. campsite; T-shirts and hoodies, water vests and boogie boards, pedal boats and kayaks. The inventory can inspire visions of days spent on the lake water-skiing, wakeboarding or tubing, or just hanging out in the sun.

Then there are the toys.

“We love toys,” Scott Rouleau said. “There are things here that sell out as fast as they come.”

“We also stay away from keyboards, digital, online games,” said Brigitte Rouleau. “If you’re looking for a diversion or you’re on vacation, there are toys the family can play with together.”

The Stump Book is a good start for a rainy day. There’s also the AirZooka, a handheld air cannon that fires a safe burst of air. The couple demonstrated the game, laughing as the ‘puff’ of the cannon blew T-shirts up the opposite wall in the breeze. A table maze, with three different mazes to try, from easy to difficult, is another top-selling toy made by Brio.

“People remember having them around when they were kids,” Rouleau said. “Brio stepped it up by adding the three mazes, so different ages can use it. This one is very popular.

There are also plastic spheres containing a complex maze inside, called Perplexis, and Gravitrax, a magnetized maze that redirects the metal ball as it moves through the game.

“The cool thing about it is you can build it up and make it bigger,” he said.

“We wanted to indulge in everything we love and know, which is hiking and camping; water sports, being outdoors,” Rouleau said. “It started with the Stump Book, and we just went from there.”

Like most businesses across the country, Morsel Munk’s business changed drastically at the start of the pandemic, and the Rollers had to rethink their future plans. Both work full time: Scott at O&G Industries and Brigitte at Otis Elevator. But the store is their labor of love.

“Before the pandemic, we used to hold events, show off new merchandise, hold events for kids on Highland Lake or West Hill Pond,” Scott Rouleau said. “We hope to start planning this stuff again.”

“It all depends on what summer looks like,” his wife said, of wearing masks and large gatherings of people. “The store is now open on Saturdays, and if anyone wants to drop by during the week they can call for an appointment as we live so close.”

Both said they have seen the city grow since it opened 11 years ago and are encouraged by the city’s efforts to support new and existing businesses.

“The city is growing,” said Brigitte Rouleau. “People come here from New York; there are also changes on Main Street. It’s encouraging to see the city being so united. We also value our own customers.

Morsel Munk is located at 118 Main Street, approximately one block north of the Rowley Street intersection. To join the Rolls, email [email protected] or call 860-238-4466. Hours are Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or call for an appointment.


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