Whitewater Lions Club 46th Annual Fish-A-Ree


The Whitewater Lions Club held its 46th annual Fish-A-Ree event at the Lake Whitewater Lions Clubhouse area. They also have Valentine’s Day, with their Valentine’s Drive Thru Pancake Breakfast from 6am to 11am. February 13.

For the Fish-A-Ree event, anglers must ice-fish the best fish of six species: bass, walleye, northern, blue branch, crappie and perch which must be submitted to win prices. There was a 50/50 cash raffle and bonus prize given out.

The Lions Club hosted a breakfast for the community prior to the start of the ice fishing event and provided insight into the success of the ice fishing event.

“The pancake breakfast went pretty well. We had over 300 breakfasts and food distributed. Many people came to the Lions Club to do their activities. We had a good crew and a good turnout for breakfast today. Fishing was slow today but we weren’t bringing in as many but small walleyes were appearing,” said draw chairman Larry Runroe.

They hope next year will be better with the fishing event with more people and a better place to hold prizes for their auction.

“Hopefully next year we can go back to indoor auctions, have lots of fish prices like we did before. We used to bring a lot of people for social events and we miss that,” Runoe said.

Ice fishermen are an important part of the event not only through their participation, but also through the creation of memories, the experience and the chance to win the big fish contest.

“It was good. Not bad. There weren’t a lot of walleyes, but there were some really good practices and scales,” said ice fisherman Jeff Strauss.

“It was great! I fished with my boys today. We caught some fish, had a great breakfast at the Lions Club and it was a great day,” said ice fisherman Ryan McDonough.

They announced the ice fishing winners for all six fish species at the event. Unfortunately, there was none for bass and none for walleye. The winning northern pike was 27 ¾ long caught by Ron Schultz; the winning BlueGill was 6 ¾ long caught by Gary Smith who also caught the winning Perch at 8 ¼, and the Crappie was 7 ⅝ long and was won by Justin Roberts.

The Lions Club wants the community to be on the lookout for its next breakfast and be ready for other upcoming events. Be sure to check out the silent auction online by logging on to the Biddinggowl.com/WhitewaterLionsClub website and searching for Whitewater Lions Club on Google. They have many items and packages to choose from which will last from February 13 to February 20. The next pancake breakfast will be October 30 at the Lions Clubhouse.

Dauntae Green

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