What a trap! Texas fisherman harvests fish that could break world records


ARANSAS PORT – A Texas fisherman may have broken a state and world record after landing a monster fish in Port Aransas last week.

Braden Sherron caught a gigantic cubera snapper, weighing 137 pounds, on June 3 in the Gulf of Mexico.

According Port Aransas Fisherman’s Wharf, Sherron was snorkeling with their fishing company when he caught the snapper. The fish was weighed by Captain Dee Wallace.

“Shout out to Braden Sherron with this cubera snapper awaiting Texas and the world record,” the fishing company said. “We are so grateful that Braden chose Port Aransas Fisherman’s Wharf to weigh in and take pictures of this cubera snapper monster.”

According to International Sport Fishing Association. His catch weighed 124 pounds.

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According state fish records of the Texas Park and Wildlife Department, the state record was set on August 8, 1963 by Ricky Preddy. His catch weighed 131 pounds and was also caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

The fishing company said Sherron’s world record is still pending as he is unlikely to hear back for two to three weeks.

Sherron is an avid spearfisherman, according to PAFW. To see more of his adventures, you can visit his YouTube channel here.

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