UNISSA Scouts Conduct Kayak Training


James Kon

Thirty-two members of the Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) 1102 Rover Scout underwent basic kayaking training, kayaking five kilometers from Serasa Water Sports Complex to Bedukang Island.

The training, organized by the UNISSA Rover Scout Team 1102, aimed to ensure members learned proper kayaking techniques and had the confidence to participate in water-based activities.

The members of the Rover Scout UNISSA 1102 were guided by extraneurs certified by the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

They were educated on kayaks, kayaking techniques and how to overcome capsizing.

UNISSA Rover Leader Trainer Zainudin bin Haji Ishak said, “I hope members can be more confident in organizing physically and mentally stimulating activities and working together in water activities.

Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) 1102 Rovers members in a group photo. PHOTO: UNISSA 1102 ROVER SCOUTS

“In addition, qualified trainers were able to provide appropriate knowledge and skills in handling the kayaks. These challenging activities are part of the drive and skills needed to earn the Challenge Badge as part of the Rover Scout rewards program.

Meanwhile, speaker Muhammad Alif bin Haji Sismat, as head of UNISSA 1102 Rover Scout, hopes that with the successful organization of the event, UNISSA 1102 Rover Scout will continue to collaborate with the Department of youth and sports to continue training and activities in the future.

Also in attendance were National Headquarters Scout Commissioner for Venture Scout Section Haji Burhanuddin bin Haji Md Daud, Tutong District Acting Scout Commissioner Haji Mohd Sufian bin Haji Abdul Karim and UNISSA 1102 Scout Leader Trainer Zainudin.

Before the start of the kayak training, members of the UNISSA 1102 Rover Scout organized a clean-up campaign on the occasion of World Clean-up Day 2022, celebrated every September 17.


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