Tripadvisor, KAYAK, TravelSpend – Which is the best?


Do you know that July is the most popular month for summer holidays? In an Ask Your Target Market survey, 59% of respondents said they have or are taking a vacation this summer. 46% of those respondents said they would take their summer vacation in July, making it the most popular month for summer travel.

It’s the last week of July, and if you missed the most popular vacation window, there’s still a chance to do so, because according to the same survey, “36% plan to take a vacation in August,” meaning you still have plenty of time to plan a fun vacation and relax.

During this last week of July, we’ll be doing a review of the travel and vacation apps we’ve reviewed this month, from TripAdvisor to Kayak and TravelSpend, with the criteria for review being: app design, ease of usethe value offered and what we think.

Application design

Platform Comment
Tripadvisor The Tripadvisor app is a beautifully designed app with colorful graphics and high quality images that draw you in. The user interface is awesome and comes with bright colors which generally give a fun holiday vibe.
Kayaking app The design of this application is basic, with predominantly white and orange colors. The images used to represent different cities are high quality and attractive. You want to book your flight and visit these cities just by looking at these photos.
TravelSpend app The TravelSpend app design is done in a basic white color mixed with other colors that spice up the design. The font is done mostly in black and is a simple font.

VERDICT: Tripadvisor take this home.

Ease of use

Platform Comment
TravelSpend app When it comes to ease of use, the TravelSpend app is relatively easy to use as the app icons are very clearly spelled and separated. by color schemes, making it easy for the user to know which icon to press to perform various functions.
Kayaking app The Kayak app offers are all displayed on the homepage, which makes the app very easy to use. The main icons are on the app’s home page and all users have to do is click on one of the four main icons to book a flight, book a hotel, rent a car or choose a fun vacation spot.
Tripadvisor The Tripadvisor app may be well designed, but in the app design category, there’s so much on the homepage that it can be hard to understand, making it confusing and hard to understand. understand and use.

VERDICT: In this category, the Kayak app is the best because it is the easiest and easiest to understand.

App Review: Tripadvisor, KAYAK, TravelSpend - which is the best vacation guide?

Value offered

Platform Comment
Kayaking app The Kayak app provides users with a platform to easily choose a fun vacation destination, book cheap flights, make hotel reservations, and rent a car while on vacation.
TravelSpend app Although the TravelSpend app is relatively unpopular, users who have discovered and are now using the app attest to the app’s usefulness in helping them prepare a budget and carefully document their spending while on vacation.
Tripadvisor app This app promises to help users plan every aspect of their trip, from planning the trip to creating a packing list and helping them make sure they don’t leave behind anything they need. during vacation trip.

The app provides value to its more than 100 million users, many of whom attest to the usefulness of the app for planning a trip as an individual or even for a group trip.

VERDICT: Our verdict is that all of these apps offer different kinds of services and value in their own way.

App Review: Tripadvisor, KAYAK, TravelSpend - which is the best vacation guide?

Final Thoughts

These apps are rich in value, making users’ vacation experience easier, seamless and better planned.

That’s all we have on our review of travel and vacation apps this July.

Which apps would you like to see our review / let us know?

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