Traverse City boaters prepare to get out on the water again


Seeing temperatures in the 80s is quite unusual in early May, but many boaters are hoping to take advantage of the heat wave.

For those who live along the Great Lakes, boaters expect nothing more than sailing or cruising.

In Traverse City, temperatures will hit near 90 degrees on Friday and boaters are eager to get in the water.

“Usually we’re here and it’s a bit chilly, so those are bonus days for us,” said Traverse City boater Gary Collier.

Bonus days mean clean-up days for boaters, many of whom have been looking forward to a hot week like this.

“We go everywhere in Elk Rapids, Suttons Bay, mostly in the fifty-mile range area,” Collier said. “As soon as the fuel dock opens, we’ll be on our way.”

Local charters like the Wind Dancer are already gearing up for a busy touring season ahead.

Captain Dan Mills says his crew plans to get out on the water this week for training.

“It’s good to sail in different wind speeds and things like that and to make adjustments as you sail, it’s really good practice,” Mills said. “So we’ll be there and hopefully it’ll be crazy, but not too crazy.”

New crew member Pecole Green can’t wait to learn more about sailing on his first charter.

“I only own one kayak, but I’m so excited to be working on the Wind Dancer,” Green laughed. “I’m learning to know my knots and how to properly tie a sail and how to set up and take down sails.”

They begin their tours later this month.

“Just excited for another season of hanging out with people on the water, where you can go out there, let go, get away from the buzz a little bit, just bond as human beings,” said Mills.

For more information on unloading and docking, be sure to call or visit your local marina.


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