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Torch Lake is a lake in the US state of Michigan. The lake itself measures 31 kilometers and is Michigan’s longest inland lake. The lake is best known for its sandbank, with clear, turquoise waters that resemble a tropical paradise. It has become a popular destination for tourists and Michigan residents throughout the summer months. The lake has even been named by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world because of its clear, clean waters.

A lighthouse on the shores of Torch Lake in Michigan.

The sandbank is located about a few hundred meters from the shore and is therefore only accessible by water. It’s towards the southern edge of the lake, in the area where Torch Lake meets the Torch River.

Sandbank is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the accumulation of sand from the incoming river. The sand was pushed towards the southern edge of the lake and formed a sand bar which has since become a popular destination for visitors, vacationers and recreation in the lake. The sand ridge is approximately two miles, although it is not a straight line. It can be accessed by motorboat, kayak or canoe, or even by swimming from the shore. The sandbank has become a popular hangout and a place where people can park their boats for swimming, picnicking, relaxing, or gathering for parties.

Evenings at the Torch Lake sandbank

The sandbank parties are what the region is increasingly known for. Especially on public holidays like July 4th, people meet here to organize and participate in what have been loud and adventurous parties. Drinking, swimming, listening to music and eating are all part of these events, and over the years their popularity has increased, resulting in an increase in police surveillance. Sadly, the sandbar is also well known for hosting the July 4th Sandbar party in 2020, despite covid-19 and the potential risks. The lake was then traced as a hotspot and the source of a coronavirus outbreak.

Recreational facilities in the sandbank of Torch Lake

Sand bar torch bar
Aerial view of the Torch Lake sandbank.

Besides the parties and the sandbank itself, there are several other activities to enjoy in and around Torch Lake. Camping is popular at Torch Grove Campgrounds, and many people choose to stay and camp to experience the lake and sandbank. Bed and breakfasts and inns are also common by the lake and particularly full during the peak summer season.

Cycling, hiking, and horseback riding can also be done around the lake and are common practices for visitors who are not into water sports. For those who enjoy the lake itself, various water activities – from motor boats to kayak rentals and paddle boarding – are available. Wakeboarding, water skiing and jet skiing are also common, and especially fun in this area due to the great length of the lake.

The shopping experiences and the various restaurants and pubs in the area provide plenty of options for anyone looking for great food and drink in the area, from the Dockside to the Shorts Brewery. Once a hidden gem in northern Michigan, Torch Lake and its sandbar have become a social media sensation and have captured the attention of tourists. Its clear turquoise waters and huge sandbank make it the perfect destination for anyone looking to get away from it all and experience beautiful Michigan and a fun day out on the water.



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