TN woman sets up business selling fly fishing equipment to women


Kimberly Ranalla founded and designed Miss Mayfly, a fly fishing gear designed for women, after struggling to find gear that suited her.

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. – Many people consider Tennessee to be one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the outdoors.

However, equipment is often necessary to fully enjoy outdoor recreation.

To fly fishing you will need waders. When Kimberly Ranalla fell in love with fly fishing, she noticed that there weren’t a lot of wading options for women.

“My first pair of waders were ugly, heavy, stinky men’s waders and they were horrible,” Ranalla said.

When she wanted to share this new love of fly fishing with her daughter, the problem became more apparent. Ranalla decided to take matters into her own hands by founding and designing the Miss Mayfly Company.

“I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything that suited her, she is very tall and thin,” said Ranalla. “I sat down and designed a wader that would fit and be included for different sizes.”

Miss Mayfly entered the market in 2018. She took off both nationally and internationally.

After months of supply chain issues linked to the coronavirus pandemic, she said they were finally getting their new line, Moxie, later this week.

The Moxie line includes a new chest wader as well as high waist wading pants designed for women.

Ranalla said the line can fit around 96% of women.

During the holiday season, she offers a few Christmas packages.

She’s hoping to run a few classes for women on the line like her in the New Year.

To learn more about his line, you can visit Miss Mayfly’s site.

This story was originally reported by WRCBtv in Chattanooga.


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