This houseboat is an Airbnb in Michigan, comes with its own kayaks


DOUGLAS, MI – It’s a house. It’s a boat. It’s actually both. There’s lakeside living, and then there’s living on the lake itself. This floating home is an Airbnb in Michigan and opens for the season this week in one of the most popular vacation areas in the state.

Known as the “Floathhause of Saugatuck,” this house on the water is part pontoon, part house, of sorts. It is located in Tower Marine on Kalamazoo Lake, a short walk from Douglas and Saugatuck.

Inspired by the houseboats of the Pacific Northwest, this one was built locally a few years ago. West Michigan natives Dave and Jillian Draayer bought it from its previous owner and are ready to welcome visitors.

“This is our first and only Airbnb opportunity and we wanted a fun way to invest,” Dave Draayer told MLive. “Our family is very experience oriented and we wanted to offer something unique where people might not have to travel far. We spent a few years overseas as missionaries and now we have young children. We thought it would be a cool way to provide an experience, like what we enjoy, to other people.

The “Floathaus” comfortably sleeps up to four with a bedroom for six with one bedroom and a loft with two queen beds and a pull out sofa.

It has a total of 500 square feet of finished space with a kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, and table that folds up. There is a shower and a bathroom. Outside there are two decks to enjoy.

Booking requires a minimum stay of two nights, with weekends and summer months usually being more expensive. Pricing is around $350 per night on the low end to around $460 per night at peak times.

The ‘Floathaus’ is not motorized and does not leave the marina, but guests can expect some movement and swaying and the Draayers have put a disclaimer in the Airbnb listing that people might suffer from motion sickness.

That said, the “Floathaus” also comes with two adult kayaks for guests to use. There’s also access to the marina’s waterfront pool, as well as a park with a playground and grills. The Draayers say visitors will appreciate not only the uniqueness of their accommodation, but all that the area has to offer.

“Saugatuck and Douglass have a bit of everything,” added Dave Draayer. “You can go one way and get downtown with restaurants and lots of local businesses or you can go a mile the other way and find water, beaches and hiking. It’s all kind of right there and you get the best of many worlds nearby.

You can book a stay at the “Floathaus” through Airbnb here where you can also contact the Draayers with any questions you may have.


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