The Offshore Racing Academy’s rugged boating tablet


As the world of electronics grows more and more and becomes more and more common on board all boats, from dinghies to yachts and from small ribs to large powerboats, it becomes necessary for boat owners to have electronics capable of withstanding the rigors of the harsh saltwater outdoor environment…

Presentation in collaboration with the Offshore Racing Academy, of the robust Sailproof tablet.

The Sailproof tablet is unique and offers the following features;

  • a large capacity battery, to last more than a long day of navigation without problems,
  • a screen that is REALLY readable in direct sunlight,
  • a waterproof case, at least IP67, and shockproof,
  • a good quality GPS chip, ideally combining GPS and Glonass or even Galileo,
  • a processor and sufficient memory,
  • a recent Android OS, to avoid planned obsolescence and take advantage of the latest improvements (especially in terms of battery management),
  • a Wifi + 4G connection to access GRIBS weather and news sheets,
  • a relatively accessible budget.
  • full specs here

Offshore Racing Academy’s Kenny Rumball has used and tested the Sailproof on the rigorous Figaro 3 circuit in France for the past two years, in his own words: “The abuse the Sailproof can take is unbelievable, we have it. kept on deck for the duration of the races, enduring intense heat and sunshine and also being doused in salt water by over 40 knots of wind! There is simply no better product on the market dedicated to boating!’

The tablet is cheaper than many of its more mainstream rivals and easier to use as there’s no clumsy cover to turn on and off. With an Android operating system, you can download many of your favorite apps such as Navionics or Raymarine and B&G apps to integrate with your onboard electronics system.

Through the Offshore Racing Academy we are delighted to offer a discount when you order yours here on their website here

Simply enter the discount code at checkout ORACADEMY2022 for your discount!


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