The new Iguana Sport is ready to make boating more fun, stylish and luxurious


The right way to travel on water is with comfort, ease and luxury.

The new Iguana Sport does just that, and it uses ingenious solutions to ensure your boating experience is always stylish and hassle-free. With a top speed of 48 knots, 350 horsepower and space for up to 12 passengers, the Iguana Sport is ready for hands-on boating fun, and that’s just the beginning. Its style and quality are inspired by French luxury, which is why the Iguana Sport offers wide and comfortable seats, a sleek and elegant look and a central console.

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One of the most intriguing aspects of the Iguana Sport is its amphibious landing gear. The boat makes approaching shore easier than ever with a hydraulic amphibious mobility system that allows the Iguana Sport to conquer more than just water. The electric drive system makes the Iguana capable of a 4 mph ground speed that takes all the guesswork out of landing your boat and lets you just focus on having a good time. Along with that, other smart features include an available carbon fiber T-top, fresh water shower, LED lighting throughout, Bluetooth audio system with four speakers, and more. To make the most of the boat’s timeless style, custom paint and upholstery is also available. The Iguana Sport is ready to make your maritime voyages personalized, luxurious, effortless, elegant and above all, more fun than ever. If you want to know more, be sure to contact Prestige Marine of North Miami Beach, Florida for more information.

Source: Iguana Yachts


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