Texas Lakes Fishing Report



Meredith Lake: WELL. Water stained; 53 degrees; 51.81 feet low. The fish move to deeper waters. Trout is good on worms, paste and strong bait using shiny lures in silver or gold, orange, red and blue have also been proven successful. Walleye are good for minnows, worms and larvae. Report by Kenneth Wysong, SharKens Honey Hole.

Greenbelt of the lake: TO SLOW DOWN. Water stained; 50 degrees; 40.13 feet low. The winds are blowing and few fishermen are on the lake. The report that crappie bites has entered.

Blanche River: TO SLOW DOWN. Water stained; 55 degrees; 21.54 feet low. The crappie bite slowed down, with a few catches around the jetty in 4-6 feet of water using chartreuse-colored jigs fitted with crappie bait.

Alain Henri: WELL. The clear water; 55-60 degrees; 3.50 feet low. The fishing at Alan Henry is excellent. In the days leading up to a cold front, the fish feed abundantly. Bass is good using soccer head jigs and spoons on ledges in 30 to 40 feet of water. The good crappie jigs of minnow tipped crappie. Report by Phillip Pool, Gone Fish’n Guide Service.

Arrowhead: WELL. Slightly stained water; 52-55 degrees; 2.20 feet low. Fishing continues as Christmas weekend approaches. Catfish is good on shallow dishes and in deeper water on freshly cut shad. Crappie bite is slow, but continues to be around derricks and on brush piles. Merry Christmas! Report by Brandon Brown, Brown’s Guide Service.

Miller Creek: WELL. Water stained; 48 degrees; 1.62 feet low. Largemouth Bass is good on spikes and pondweed fishing with worms, surface frogs, and weed-free jigs. Crappies are good in the woods with minnows. White bars are fair and thoroughly educated. Catfish are quite deep in coves with live and prepared bait.

The information in this fishing report is from Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bitly link: https://bit.ly/2WY3ARx.



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