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By Mark Pavilions

As cabins across Ontario open, we’re getting a taste of the great outdoors. It’s been long overdue.
As you browse through our escape gear, you might realize there’s something missing.
It could be a new inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP).
Board makers have answered the call for a lightweight, portable board with a lineup of strong inflatables.
One of the best on the market today is Nixy and their incredible range.
Their G4 Newport has everything you need to get on the water, all in minutes.
Unbox the suitcase-style pack and start pumping up this gem. It comes with everything you can think of – a sturdy wheeled backpack, paddle straps, cargo hooks, paddles and a pump.
Paddleboarding is becoming the most popular pastime. You don’t need much except a good quality board. Beginners may take a bit of getting used to and finding their balance, but once you do, it’s like riding a bike. Or more precisely, it’s like joining nature on an incredible aquatic hike.
You can go slow, relax, or even exercise.
Again, the key is having the right equipment.
The Nixy brand checks all the boxes and is perfect for all skill levels.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler, the Newport G4 All Around Paddle Board is sporty, agile and versatile.
Best of all, it’s built to last, made with what the company calls “military-grade” PVC and their FusionTech layered woven drop stitch. Quite frankly, it’s “the most durable and advanced board you can buy”.
The features don’t stop there. It’s ultra-lightweight and ready to travel. At just 21 pounds you can grab it, put it in your car and take off
The board inflates and deflates simply and quickly. The G4 has what they call an “intuitive” setup and teardown process.
The absolute beauty of paddleboarding is simply enjoying your time on the water, surrounded by nature. Once perched on a plank, you no longer care about the world and it’s like getting rid of an incredible burden of everyday life.
The board is perfect for lakes and rivers and will probably replace all your cottage toys.
As soon as you open the box, your eyes widen and your heart races like a child at Christmas. It made me run to my phone and put on Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys.
This wonder comes with everything you need to get in the water and get active. It comes with a suitcase on wheels, a paddle, a pump, a small repair kit and an ankle strap. Each accessory is well made and complements the board.
It is built like a tank and also looks great. Nixy has spared nothing to create a very high caliber product.
According to a company spokesperson, they have seen interest in paddleboards grow year over year, especially during times of COVID as people look for a way to stay active and social distance.
“They have grown in popularity due to the fact that they are easy to store and easy to travel with, there are many designs that suit many niches of activity.”
With solid construction and a capacity of up to 300 pounds, you’re ready to go, solo, with your partner or even your furry friend.
“A lot of people come to us asking which board is good for dogs, since the pads are soft, they are good for human feet and dog paws. People love spending time with their pets and dogs love it too. adventure,” the company said.
You’re firmly planted thanks to the grooved, UV-protected traction pad. It also features 5 action mounts and 3 grab handles, as well as carbon fiber reinforced side rails.
The designers have thought of everything here.
They ship to Canada and you can also find them online. But customers should order directly from their website at https://nixysports.com/ or call 844-649-9787. They ship quickly and efficiently.
The company offers a two-year warranty and personalized customer support.
Don’t wait another minute to get your hands on it and take your watersports to a whole new level.

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