Take in the views from a whole new perspective on a sea kayaking adventure



Kayaking has become a popular pastime in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. It is relatively easy to learn to kayak, and it can be done in any body of water, be it a lake, river, or even the ocean.

Sea kayaking is a particularly interesting and memorable experience for cruise passengers. It allows travelers to explore a different perspective, experience the region’s coastline in a different way, and interact with marine life. Sea kayakers move at their own pace, immersed in nature, while training wonderfully.


John Weir, a sea kayaking expert who leads Aurora Expeditions sea kayaking tours, has spent much of his life exploring the world from the comfort of his kayak, even in places like Siberia and the ‘Antarctic. His favorite destinations for ocean kayaking are Scotland and Ireland, Alaska and Raja Ampat, West Papua.

A sea kayaker paddles through a cave in Scotland on an Aurora Expeditions excursion. (photo via Aurora Expeditions)

Scotland and Ireland, with their emerald green mounds, magnificent castle ruins, spectacular coastlines and cliffs, kelp forests and mysterious sea caves offer incredible views to be seen from a unique perspective. A sea kayaking excursion in either of these regions presents a wilder side to the destinations.

In Alaska, sea kayakers can get up close to nature, swimming with whales, sea lions, otters and even bears! The coastline, wooded and filled with wildlife to observe, offers beautiful views on land, as do the mountains and glaciers that emerge from the sea. The wild and raw beauty of the destination, coupled with the animal interactions, make this destination a perfect destination for sea kayaking.

Finally, the isolated and tropical Raja Ampat, located in West Papua, offers a more tropical sea kayaking experience. Coral reefs, alive with all manner of aquatic life, are there to explore, both in and out of the kayak. Explorers can paddle in the bright turquoise waters around round islands covered with jungles.

Karen Miller, a guest aboard an Aurora Expeditions cruise, took a sea kayaking tour with Weir in Scotland and has been forever changed. After her excursion, she joined a kayaking club to continue discovering the world as she had done during the trip.

“When the opportunity arose to go on an expedition to Scotland, I took it,” said Miller. “And it was just awesome. Fauna alone; seeing the heaps of birds nothing compares to the heaps of birds in Scotland. Puffins – I had never seen a puffin before, they are such beautiful little birds. We had the chance to pass puffin colonies while paddling along the coast. From cliffs to caves and kelp through the surprisingly clear water, everything was better than I had imagined … and that’s why being in a kayak is so special: you are so close to everything … it really improves your experience. “

Aurora Expeditions is one of the few expedition cruise lines to offer sea kayak tours to its customers. This type of excursion is possible in all destinations visited, although not all routes offer options for sea kayaking excursions.

Alaska, Antarctica, Subantarctic Islands, Arctic, Baja California, Greenland, Costa Rica, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Patagonia, Raja Ampat , Panama and Russia are all destinations where sea kayaking excursions are possible.

Customers going on an Aurora Expeditions cruise hoping to take part in optional excursions, including sea kayaking and other activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and stand-up paddleboarding, should book their place for these activities as soon as possible, as group space is limited.

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