Success of the first season of PAK’s Garage



PAK’s Garage has been out of season for over a month now, and a successful first season has its owner thinking about long-term plans.

Owner Chris Boyle, who also owns Port Austin Kayak and neighboring PAK’s Backyard, said the first season was better than expected given it was a new venture. In addition to the full-service bicycle shop on site, 19 different boutique vendors sold products inside,

“All of the sellers were happy with the traffic and the quantities sold,” Boyle said. “The bicycle shop worked very well.”

The first season of PAK’s Garage ran from Memorial Day weekend through mid-September. This is the same schedule that the PAKs will be open next year.

Vendors had pottery, boutique clothes, handbags, homemade signs, handmade pillows, soap and other items provided, and PAK employees took care of all sales. . All the sellers had to do was make sure their products were in stock.

Vendors had to pay rent to PAKs based on the amount of space they used.

One of the biggest surprises for Boyle was the number of electric bikes rented and sold, as that was one of the main draws for PAKs.

“People who have come to the kayak store or on vacation have stopped by,” Boyle said. “We had locals and cabin owners stopping by regularly.”

Unlike regular bikes where the rider has to do all the pedaling, electric bikes have a battery and motor that can help pedal with an accelerator, so people can ride them like a moped.

For next year, PAK plans to expand throughout the building it occupies, adding an additional 5,000 square feet to space for bicycles and vendor products. The job requires replacing windows, cleaning floors and spaces of all soot and oil, installing new doors and more interior painting.

“Towards the end of next summer, we’ll come up with long-term plans for the building and how to use it,” Boyle said.

Applications for vendors for next season are ongoing on PAK’s Garage website, with Boyle looking to add new vendors to the space, as all vendors who participated last season will be returning. A selection process will also take place during the selection of suppliers.

“We want to give them time to put the pieces together,” Boyle said. “People were selling and they had to restock. We want to give people the winter to restock so that they are ready.”



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