Southern Jersey fishery smoothly transition to fall catch | Fishing & Boating


MICHAEL SHEPHERD for the press

Beautiful weather translates to some great fall fishing as we head into October.

Triggerfish, tautogs, pufferfish and bluefish have been reported throughout the region. Spot and kingfish are mixed in the surf. And reports of improving catches of weak fish are surfacing.

Striped bass fishing seems to be more of a “nighttime bite” under the lights of a deck or bulkhead.

Lots of action was the way it was described on Monday by Bob Cope, captain of the Cape May Full Ahead charter boat.

He catches triggerfish and the customers on board get their only tautog allowed.

Everyone comes home with dinner, he says.

Greg Cudnik had a similar report of his charter boat Fish Heads headquartered at his fisherman’s headquarters at Ship Bottom.

He said he had a “weak group of fish the other night” and the pufferfish were constant in Barnegat Bay.

Captain Carl Sheppard runs the Star Fish charter boat at Beach Haven also described good puffer fishing and said on Monday more weak fish were showing up, including larger ones “almost 2 feet” in length.

He also said it was mostly a nighttime bite for weak fish with bucktails and long baits.


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