Silver Marlin – Tales of Arise


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Where Are Silver Marlin?

The Silver Marlin appears only in the 12 fisheries in Tales of Arise has one that is spawning.It’s not an area not explored.Mahavar is a resident of Mahag Saar located in Hidden Quay.

Begin by making a phone call at Mahavar. Mahavar appears before ships and appears as the shape of a circle on the map.Mahavar is then able to join friends on an excursion to fish off the ocean.

It’s the most effective Rode and Lure to be found in the World for Silver Marlin

The process of making the fish to eat can be difficult.It is recommended to be able to keep your boss fish until the end of the season in order to make sure you have the best casting rods as well aslures from Tales of Arise. The search for this lure is requiring the aid of a professional fishingguide.It’s located in Menancia close to Talka Road.

It’s also known by the name of Silver Fang Lure

It is only found after having taken more than forty different species of fish.

It is very possible to catch the fish that wasn’t caught but be prepared to endure a very long and tiring waiting period or maybe even the chance.The Sniper is the most efficient rod to fish.


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