Searches for trips to Toronto are more popular than any Canadian city right now


International travel is making a comeback everywhere and according to travel search engine KAYAK, people around the world are starting to plan getaways to the Great White North. Surprisingly, however, the first destination on their radar is not the Rocky Mountains of Alberta or the majestic forests of British Columbia, but the bustle of Canada’s largest city.

KAYAK said a significant spike in searches for travel to Canada has been recorded between February 15 and February 22 for travel anytime in the future — 57% more than the previous month.

Interestingly, the majority of these travel searches came from cities in the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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“There have been significant increases in Canadian cities, with the largest increases seen among travelers in Washington (204%), Munich (43%), San Diego (42%), Amsterdam (41%) and Hamburg ( 40%). cent),” KAYAK said.

Of all Canadian cities, Toronto generated the most searches during this period, followed by Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

Here are the 10 most searched Canadian cities on KAYAK:

  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Vancouver
  4. Calgary
  5. Quebec City
  6. Edmonton
  7. Ottawa
  8. Halifax
  9. Winnipeg
  10. Victoria

According to Matt Clarke, Vice President of Marketing at KAYAK North America, this trend is expected to continue this summer as restrictions ease.

“The increase in search we are seeing indicates pent-up demand for Canadian tourism and illustrates the impact of entry restrictions on inbound travel,” he said.

“We have consistently seen that as travel restrictions ease, demand for travel follows and we expect this to continue throughout the summer.”

With the official return of major events and festivals to Toronto this summer, this is definitely the year to experience the 6ix.


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