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BOULDER, Colorado (CBS4)– Gross Reservoir recreation areas will be closed for two to three weeks this month as improvements are made on the north side ahead of the next boating season. Work is expected to be completed in time for boating from May 27.

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The upgrades will allow for modified boat access and launch from Osprey Point on the south side. Access to this location was closed in mid-March.

Denver Water said the north side improvements are necessary to address the loss of parking on the south side. They will also provide easier access to the water’s edge, as the current route is longer and steeper than the previous location at Osprey Point. A pilot shuttle program will be evaluated to help recreationists get from the North Shore parking lot to the water’s edge.

Additional information from Denver Water on Gross Reservoir Recreation Area closures:

• A closure will take place from May 4 until the afternoon of May 6 to prepare for the work.
• Access to recreation will reopen for the weekend of May 7 and 8.
• The full shutdown will begin again on May 9 and is expected to last until May 20.

Work during the closure will include a new parking area, handrails for the trails, improvements to the surface of the trails and access roads, the construction of a boat launch and new signage.

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The Gross Reservoir Expansion Project requires Denver Water to temporarily reduce overall recreational access to the site for the duration of the five-year construction schedule. Here is a reminder of the changes that the expansion project will bring during this period:

Leisure Closures
• Recreational access on the south side of the dam, including the South Side and Windy Point picnic areas, the Osprey Point boat launch and the Osprey Point trailhead, closed mid-March 2022 .
• There will be no access to hiking trails and picnic areas on the south side. The gazebo will also be closed.
• South side access will not reopen until construction is complete.
North side of facility recreation access
• The North Rim, along with the South Boulder Creek Trail (below the dam) and Fishermen’s Parking Lot will remain open to the public throughout the Project.
• All access to water sports will be relocated to the Côte-Nord.
• As noted, Denver Water is evaluating a pilot shuttle program that would help recreationists get from the North Rim parking lot to the water’s edge, as the existing driveway is longer and steeper than the old point. of access from the south side at Osprey Point.
Access to Winiger Ridge, another popular location, will remain largely unchanged until logging activities begin in 2025. Additional closure information will be shared closer to the start of work.
“Our goal is to keep this recreational facility open as safely as possible for the duration of the project, and we are working to get everything ready for the boating season this year,” said Brandon Ransom, recreation manager for Denver. Water. .

“Denver Water recognizes that Gross Reservoir is a popular recreation site, and we plan to proactively communicate with recreation enthusiasts through signage, traditional media, websites, email newsletters and social media, among other ways – and we strongly encourage visitors to check these channels before visiting a facility to ensure they are aware of any closures or changes.

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As the project progresses, there will also be periodic on-water recreation closures to ensure the safety of recreational enthusiasts. These closures will be temporary and every effort will be made to alert the public of closure times in advance.
A consistent place to get up-to-date information on the expansion project will be through the grossreservoir.org project website, as well as through Google My Map.
The public can also contact Denver Water via email, hotline, and virtual office hours, as well as signing up for email updates and following the utility’s social media channels as well. than the Nextdoor app. Contact and other details are available on the Denver Water website as well as the project website. Denver Water’s TAP news site also includes stories about the expansion project.


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