Queensland man rescued at Macquarie harbor after sinking kayak | Avocado


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A man was rescued by staff at Macquarie Harbor fish farms on Christmas Day after his kayak sank. The Queensland man was on the first day of a planned two-week trip around Macquarie harbor when his kayak started to take on water about two kilometers south of Strahan, Tasmanian police said. “He tried to swim to shore but was submerged in the cold water,” Strahan’s agent Wayne Bradford said. “He transmitted a distress call over his portable VHF radio when he realized he was not going to reach shore.” Three vessels from Macquarie Harbor fish farms answered the call, the one of them locating the affected kayaker at 11:20 am Smiths Cove. “The man was difficult to spot in the water and was getting cold and weak. He would have only needed cramps or more distant fish farm boats and it probably would have been a tragic outcome.” The man was sent back to Strahan and treated for mild hypothermia. “We have been very fortunate that the fish farms are operating year round and that work boats are on the water today,” Constable Bradford said. “I have no doubt that their early intervention saved a life, and on Christmas Day. Police said the kayaker was well equipped and was wearing safety gear that exceeded minimum requirements.




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