Professional guide wants to help kids get hooked on fishing


ZANESVILLE — Solomon Curtis likes to fish. In fact, he love to fish. And he credits her for saving his life.

Curtis will host a Hooked on Fishing event at Foxfire School at 2805 Pinkerton Lane on Sunday. Doors open at 1:45 a.m. for the two-hour event, which will feature presentations by Jesse French of Blue Rock Tackle and Corneilus Harris of Guru Outfitters, as well as Curtis himself. Children under 17 will have the opportunity to learn about knotting, casting and baiting. Door prizes will be given out every three minutes thanks to what Curtis calls a wave of community support. The event is free.

Door prizes include, among other things, 75 fishing rods and 25 tackle boxes.

Curtis grew up without his father. His uncle Greg was a stand-in, trying not to be a father, but to be there. And Greg liked to fish, so Curtis followed.

“As I got older,” he said, “I could easily have gone left instead of right, and fishing allowed me to stay in the right. I would have started taking the wrong decisions, the opportunities were there.”

Instead, Curtis spent his time fishing and continued on the straight and narrow. He will talk about his story at the event.

“Some people I grew up with went the other way,” he said. “My mind was drawn to fishing, it became my escape, my coping skills.”

Curtis said many people don’t realize the number of fishing opportunities in the county, many of which are within walking distance of most neighborhoods in Zanesville. Curtis said he hopes the event introduces children to the possibilities of fishing and the outdoors in general.

“Any child who has never had the opportunity, for whatever reason, to hold a fishing rod,” Curtis said, will have the chance to pursue a hobby that could get them out of trouble. or to develop a passion for life.

Curtis is a professional fishing guide with Ohio’s Finest Outfitters, as well as an ODNR Outdoors Ambassador. He hopes to make the event annual. The event is open to all children interested in learning to fish.

If you are going to:

Addicted to fishing

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday

Foxfire Schools, 2805 Pinkerton Lane.

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