Plug-in power infrastructure for electric boats


Aqua superPower has announced a strategic partnership with charging station developer AC e-concept, which has developed a new design of charging stations that have been approved for use in certain sensitive environments, including the canals of Venice.

Aqua superPower will develop charging infrastructure for marine and river applications by deploying e-concept’s AC charging stations where environmental, cultural and heritage factors need to be taken into account.

e-concept manufactures public and private charging stations for electric boats and for the transition to electric maritime transport. Aqua superPower is deploying a global network of marine chargers that it will finance, own and operate. The companies will work together to install Type 2 AC public charging infrastructure with a particular focus on Venice, inland waterways and European lakes where regulation and climate action are increasingly driving demand for electric boats.

The e-concept charging station is made with 100% recyclable materials and is characterized by a design that fits perfectly into the traditional Venetian architectural and environmental context. With Type 2 AC connectors, the charger complies with European legislation on public charging standards, offering significant advantages in terms of safety and user-friendliness. Aqua superPower already supports marinas, boat builders and boat owners in their desire to bring electrical energy to the water and reduce the impact of navigation on marine ecosystems with its network of fast chargers for electric boats.

e-concept’s charging technology and hardware will integrate with Aqua superPower’s network and user management technology. Aqua superPower is developing its network which will be accessible to users of electric boats via the Aqua secure application or the RFID card. The app will allow users to view a map showing charger options and offering navigational aids to guide them to their chosen location. The strategic partnership of e-concept and Aqua superPower will further its mission to reduce the impact of recreational boating on the marine environment by developing an all-electric, integrated global marine charging network.

Credit Aqua superPower


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