Plans to improve Oxford’s canals for boaters who live there launched


A charity wants to implement plans to improve Oxford’s waterways and the lives of boaters who live there next week.

Oxford City Council says at least 41 more permanent berths are needed on Oxford’s waterways, with a report commissioned by the charity Collaborative Housing concluding that improvements to facilities are needed.

The report, released in November 2021, involved a survey of boaters and identified the benefits that community-owned mooring sites have on the people who live there as well as on biodiversity and the environment.

One yachtsman said: “Canals have become living spaces but it should be inclusive.

“The boating community needs local centers and support to help people live on the canal and not be marginalized or forgotten.”

One of the main recommendations of the report was to create a group of boaters to advocate for better facilities and seek opportunities for sites to be transferred to community ownership.

The first step is one online “launch” which will be held on March 16, which can be attended by boaters and those interested in supporting community anchorages.

Researchers will present the findings of the report and there will be an opportunity to hear from community-led mooring organizations and boaters who want to get involved.

You can find out more on their website:

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