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But he wasn’t satisfied with sitting still. He had an itch that could only be scratched by going places and doing things. What my friend Billy Joe Shaver wrote about Willie also applies to Mark, when he said, “Willie, he tells me doers and thinkers say moving is the closest thing to freedom.

The weather won’t stop the fish from biting

Jekyll and Hyde weather continues in central Texas, as Saturday morning’s blustery cold front quickly erased pleasant memories of last week’s spring temperatures.

But a little cold doesn’t stop the fish from looking for their meal, nor does it make us stop eating. If you have the courage, the insulating clothing and the know-how, you can go out and catch fish even in cold, windy and rainy weather. It’s just a matter of how much you want it.

Catfish guide Michael Houston (Houston Guide Service) recently hit and stacked blue cats at Lake Waco, and he says it’s time to get into the skinny water.

“Right now, shallow is the name of the game,” Houston said. The temperature in the lake dropped to the mid-40s, so now that we are warming up, the shallow waters will warm up more quickly, forcing the catfish to move in for food.”

He finds both trophy fish and eaters in waters as shallow as two feet, and he expects the trend to continue over the next month. Cut gizzard shad is his bait of choice, and if you book a trip with him, not only is the bait provided, but also all the equipment. All you have to do is show up with a valid fishing license.


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