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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources fishing report for the week of September 30, 2021 for southwest Iowa:

Greenfield Lake, Adair County, 1 mile southwest of Greenfield: Greenfield has a good bass population; fishermen are starting to find acceptable size poop in the lake. Black Crappie – Fair: Catch an 8-9 inch black crappie with minnows under a float fished from tree heaps. Sorting is necessary for larger fish. Bluegill Sunfish – Fair: Troll or drift small jigs to catch a 7.5 inch bluegill. Channel Catfish – Fair: Try cut bait or stinky bait caught around piers. Anglers have the option of catching a trophy-sized canal cat. Largemouth Bass – Good: Greenfield has a good bass population with a high percentage of 14-16 inch fish.

Lake Anita, Cass County, 800 meters south of Anita: The clarity of the water remains good. The crappie bite resumed. Black Crappie – Good: The large 6 inch black crappie age class is now 8-9 inches. The fishermen slowly troll small jigs with a caterpillar. Bluegill – Fair: Find bluegills around the platforms and slowly drag the stream channels; keep your bait in 8 feet of water. Use small inclined jigs with a caterpillar. Largemouth Bass – Medium: Find Largemouth Bass in the piles of trees and along the edges of vegetation.

Lake Manawa, Pottawattamie County, on the southwestern edge of Council Bluffs: Black Crappie – Fair: Fishermen report catching crappie with minnows under a float in the canals. Walleye – Fair: Launch a leech or crawler under a float sliding around the Tin Can dyke. Dredge cups will also contain walleye. Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass) – No report: Crankbaits thrown or trolls.

Meadow Lake, Adair County, six miles northeast of Greenfield: Fishing has resumed at Meadow Lake. Black Crappie – Fair: Find black crappie around the deepest piles of trees in the lake. Fish average 10 inches. Bluegill – Fair: Try fishing the tree piles to find 8 inch bluegills. Channel Catfish – Slow: Fishermen report catching catfish in tree piles with cut bait. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Anglers report catching bass dumping on shore and in tree heaps.

Orient Lake, Adair County, 1 mile south of Orient: The clarity of the water is fair. Crappie – Good: Catch 8 inch sunfish around the piles of trees in the lake. Anglers catch fish with worms under a float. River Catfish – Medium: Use cut bait or shrimp. Yellow Bullhead – Fair: Catfish anglers collect some big bullheads.

Prairie Rose Lake, Shelby County, eight miles southeast of Harlan: The water clarity is good. Black Crappie – Slow. Bluegill – Fair: Anglers slowly drag 8 feet of water with small jigs with a caterpillar to find fish. Largemouth Bass – Good: Throw the shore line and tree stacks to catch 14-16 inch Largemouth Bass. Don’t overlook the underwater reefs and rock piles in the lake to find largemouth bass.

Viking Lake, Montgomery County, 4 miles east of Stanton: Viking Lake is 7 feet below the full pool. Access is compromised. Black Crappie – Fair. Crappie – Fair. Channel Catfish – Fair: Capture river catfish from shore with smelly bait. Largemouth Bass – Correct.

For more information on the Southwest District Lakes, call the Cold Springs office at (712) 769-2587.

Green Valley Lake, Union County, 2.5 miles northwest of Creston: Black Crappie – Good: Catch crappie up to 9.5 inches with minnow tip jigs caught near cedar brush piles. Bluegill – Fair: Catch bluegill up to 8 inches with worms under a float fished near fishing piers. Channel Catfish – Slow: Try nocturnal caterpillars caught along rocky areas of the shoreline to catch catfish weighing up to 8 pounds. Largemouth Bass – Slow: Catch Largemouth Bass up to 21 inches with a jig fished near the cedar brush piles.

Three Mile Lake, Union County, three miles northwest of Afton: Courtesy docks are installed at the main boat launch. Bluegill Sunfish – Good: Try jigs caught near mounds of dirt or rock piles to catch bluegill up to 8.5 inches. Walleye – Slow: Use spike jigs with a minnow caught near the rocky spikes of the main lake.

Twelve Mile Lake, Union County, four miles east of Creston: The dock is at the main ramp. Black Crappie – Good: Catch crappies up to 9.5 inches with jigs equipped with live bait caught along cedar brush piles or rocky areas of the shore. Bluegill – Fair: Try spike jigs with a worm caught in shallow creeks to catch bluegill up to 8 inches. Largemouth Bass – Slow: Catch Largemouth Bass up to 21 inches with jigs caught near cedar brush piles or rock piles. Yellow Perch – Slow: Use minnows caught along fishing piers to catch yellow perch up to 10 inches.

The water temperature is between 70 and 70 in most lakes in the Mount Ayr district. For more information, call the Mount Ayr Fisheries Office at 641-464-3108.



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