Outdoor Experts CampShore acquires acclaimed camping and kayaking review website CampVec


CampShore, run by a team of passionate campers and a respected online resource for camping information, has acquired CampVec, a trusted website for camping gear and gear reviews and buying guides.

Texarkana, TX, U.S., March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

According to announcements posted by CampShore and Tom Smith, this established resource for online camping and kayaking guides has acquired CampVec.org, another reputable reviewer of camping and kayaking gear.

Merging the two websites gives camping enthusiasts better access to sought-after reviews and guides on camping gear, tools, and kayaking gear.

CampShore content is updated regularly to include the latest technology developments, new products and equipment breakthroughs. The guides are written in easy-to-understand language and provide actionable information. The reader can act to buy value-for-money and safe camping, beach and kayaking gear.

The merger of CampShore and CampVec allows the new brand to provide specific content in camping tips, tent reviews, canoe tips and kayak reviews. The combined resources of the two brands will enable CampShore to provide its readers with relevant information for enjoyable and safe outdoor activities.

Campers and kayakers are presented with many choices and equipment with features that may or may not be relevant. Narrowing the selection to the best product isn’t easy unless you ask the right questions and get reliable answers. CampShore does both for its readers. It compares brands and models and presents their main characteristics so that an interested buyer can make the right decision.

The “camping tips” category is frequently viewed due to the depth and breadth of content available. It covers useful and essential topics such as staying warm while camping, maintaining healthy skin outdoors, and essential things to carry.

For more information, visit https://campshores.com/

Tom Smith of CampShores said, “We are the CampShore website team. We’re campers like you, and we’ve done tons of camping across California and the United States in general. Our story began when our trusted tent washed up on a beach. Since then, we’ve tried all kinds of camping shelters (such as campervans, motorhomes, and even sleeping under the stars. Plus, in our quest for the holy grail of camping, we’ve tried several sites Now we have gathered our experiences to help you.

Essentially, CampShore is a resource bank by campers, for campers. We can all have the perfect camping experiences, and this guide (CampShores) will lead the way! In the beginning, we often suffer from shortcomings regarding camping aids. Today it might be our tent, and the next day the gears might not be working properly.

At CampShore, we understand what you’re going through. We went through the same process. But we are here now to help you. Since we experienced our setbacks, we have since reviewed equipment, tents and even campsites. Although we may not be scientists here at Camp Shore, we have good taste. Plus, we appreciate interesting and helpful designs. As such, we know what great camping gear entails. More importantly, we often go out camping. So we learn every day to bring you insightful reviews and guides.”

About the company:
CampShore aims to provide its audience with information on the best camping gear and tools for their needs. Recommendations and tips from experienced campers allow people to plan and enjoy camping with less hassle. CampVec is now part of CampShore.

Website: https://campshores.com/

CONTACT: Name: Tom Smith Email: [email protected] Organization: Camp Shores Address: 199 Hall Place, Texarkana, TX

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