New World players use wild boars to kill bots that monopolize fishing grounds



Bots are already infesting the new MMORPG New World and fishing a lot, so players are retaliating by turning the wildlife on them.

New World Fishing Bot Counter

The newest mass-media MMORPG to debut, New world is the latest offering from Amazon Games. Despite the lack of hit titles from Amazon’s video game department so far, New world jumped to the top of the Steam charts and, after a tough beta, garnered a lot of praise.

Of course, there are still problems with New world, including huge wait times to enter a server. While this is undoubtedly resolved in time, more insidious player-created issues are also making their way into the MMORPG. Perhaps among these are the robots, which monopolize the resource farming points.

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Bots are not an unheard of problem for MMORPG gamers, becoming more and more important as they become easier to program. While they are undoubtedly more complicated than robots created for other purposes, MMORPG bots serve the same purpose: to perform a simple task over and over again. In that case, New worldBots are designed to mine for resources, and for most of them, it seems to revolve around hunting for rare fish. Robots can tell if a fish is rare on the cast, and if not, they will remove the line immediately. It’s a problem, and like other problems New world players want a solution, it makes the game harder to play.

However, players aren’t waiting for the developers to step in – some have already started fixing the issue themselves by channeling Fansy the Bard. Long ago in EverQuest, Fansy the bard learned to defeat his enemies by attracting hordes of sand giants to them. Players are channeling that spirit now by drawing enemy mobs, including wild boars, to the fishing robots and letting the wildlife kill them. Bots are only made for fishing, so they can’t resist. As other players have created solutions in New world it’s a bit hard, but it works.

While it’s fun to watch wildlife slowly kill off robots that don’t resist, it’s not a complete solution. Players already have suggestions for New world this will hopefully catch Amazon’s ear, and if enough people speak up, more direct action can be taken against bots.

It is hardly surprising that such cheating has arisen in New world already, given its massive release and the current number of players. Jeff Bezos recently commented New world‘s success, but the bots escaped mention. It’s a shame too, because once an MMORPG is worth kicking, that can also be a measurable measure of success.

New world is now available for PC.

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