New World players improve fishing spots by killing bots with wild boars


Players have started pitting wild boars against robots that are starting to overcrowd fishing hotspots in Amazon’s New World MMORPG.

Bots have started flooding Amazon fishing hotspots New world and the players retaliate by turning against them wild animals like wild boars. More often than not, MMORPGs and bots go hand in hand. And although it just launched last week, New world has already become frustratingly saturated with cheaters much to the chagrin of many early adopters.

The fishing mechanic New world has its own set of subtleties. To get the most out of the experience, players will want to outfit the best fishing rods, which are buildable and scalable with materials such as wood, linen, and leather. Of course, various types of baits, buffs, and charms will further increase the chances of success for each user when trying to land a suitable freshwater or saltwater intake. Fishing hot spots naturally play a huge role in the chances of success; thus, it’s no surprise that robots have sneaked into some of the most well-known fishing holes in Amazon’s role-playing title.

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Unfortunately, cheaters in New world use robots to exploit resources such as rare fish. A Reddit user recently shared a quick clip of a particular fishing spot whose dock was crawling with robots constantly waving their rods. GameRant notes that these robots have been programmed to quickly identify whether or not their attempts attract rare fish, hence the constant throwing. Instead of Amazon deploying a suitable solution, users took matters into their own hands by pitting wild animals like wild boars against fishing robots. And since each bot’s singular role centers around fishing, they lack the tools to fight back.

This particular solution and others like it greatly annoy those who intend to hunt and gather resources in a fair manner. Until the New world The dev team is rolling out a patch that rids the MMORPG of these issues, however, wildlife attacks seem like the perfect way to eliminate this brand of cheat.

New world has already proven to be a huge success for Amazon, managing to overtake Steam’s concurrent player count in its first weekend of uptime. Over the opening weekend, the title racked up an impressive 913,000 concurrent players and ranked above the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. It should be interesting to see how long the title can keep up that momentum.

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New world is available to play now on PC.

Source: TheThinkingMan21 / Reddit via GameRant

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