New World player spots ghost ship while fishing


While fishing in one of the many bodies of water in the New World, a player spots a weird and shiny ghost ship sailing in the distance.

new world ghost ship

With the large number of Amazon Games players New world, it’s amazing how some fans can still enjoy the new discoveries they make within the MMORPG. This can be seen through their holdings of issues such as the New world invincibility issue, or their sharing of new simple tips for taking amazing in-game photos with the in-game community. Now another avid fan shares that they spotted a glowing, floating ghost ship while they were peacefully fishing on the shore.

Players would probably agree that the insane amount of things that can be done in New world is what contributes to long hours of connection to the game. The MMORPG offers a wide variety of engaging activities, whether it is walking through the main storyline, fighting in wars against others. New world factions, or something as simple as fishing. And even in such a mundane task as fishing, the developers spared no attention to detail and provided entertainment via occasional appearances of a ghost ship.

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On Reddit, user lilpixieBA posted a short video clip of his discovery of New worldthe ghost ship. It was while they were fishing along Cape Thomas Beach at First Light, one of the beginner areas found in the Great New world menu. While holding the fishing line, a glowing green ghost ship appeared on the hazy horizon, and sailed for a few seconds across the screen before disappearing again. Stating that they had never seen the ghost ship before, the Redditor enthusiastically posted the event to the online forum.

Many user comments on the subReddit shared the same surprised reaction, stating that they had not had the chance to spot the ghost ship once, even though they had logged hundreds of hours in the MMORPG. . Some even mentioned that they were just as stunned as lilpixieBA when the ghost ship first appeared on their screens. Although one or two toxic comments have surfaced on the thread, the positive New world community rallied around the original poster to support their exciting discovery of the ghost ship.

With New world staying at the top of the Steam charts, there’s a good chance that one or two players will make more exciting discoveries like this in the future. Hopefully the dev team fixes the many bugs and server issues first, to ensure that the player base continues to have the best experience on Aeternum Island.

New world is now available for the PC.

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