New South Carolina boating law increases required distance


The law increases the distance between boats, docks and other vessels.

LEXINGTON, SC — Boating season is in full swing, and just in time for the season, there’s a new law boaters need to be aware of to avoid being fined on the water.

Previously, boats required by law in motion to stay 50 feet from other boats or the dock. The new law doubles that distance, requiring moving boats to stay 100 feet away.

The rule also applies to maintaining this distance from people and jet skiers on the water.

At Lake Murray, a local marina owner said this new law may not be enough.

“While 100 feet is a good distance at 10, when they go 30 or more they need to have more distance because that dock limits their visibility, and someone might pull out and not see it before it gets too far. be too late,” Archie Trawick, owner of Jake’s Landing, said.

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With these new laws, there are consequences if the laws are not followed.

“It can cause property damage, but if someone is on the boat or the dock and the dock moves violently, then the person can fall into the water, fall onto the dock,” Trawick said.

Consequences can also pack a punch in the pocket. south carolina the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) could issue a fine of up to $600 plus a misdemeanor charge.

A new Lexington County resident said these consequences are in our best interests.

“Anything that would protect you here is probably a good thing,” said Christopher Diamond.

These new laws apply to all bodies of water in South Carolina except Lake Moultrie.

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