New electric pontoon boat from Pure Watercraft


In the first product from its partnership with General Motors, Pure Watercraft today presented its new electric pontoon at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At 24’7 ″ (7.5 m) in length, it can carry up to 10 people and is available with one or two Pure Watercraft electric outboards. The source of electricity is a GM battery with a maximum output of 64 kWh and the maximum speed is 37 km / h (23 mph). Pricing is expected to start at US $ 45,000 (single outboard) and $ 60,000 (double outboard).

By some estimates, around 75,000 pontoon boats were sold in the United States last year, and Pure Watercraft says the segment is growing at more than 20% per year. Quiet, smoke-free electric motors are ideal for meeting the needs of those who collect them.

In the press release announcing the boat, the company said, “The pontoon boat is booming because people want to get out on the water and socialize with family and friends in the great outdoors. This boat gives them a more enjoyable experience, without engine noise and hassle-free fuel and maintenance, at a price comparable to that of a conventional pontoon boat. This unprecedented value is the result of our constant concern for efficiency. “

New electric pontoon unveiled 44 days after a $ 150 million investment from GM.

Pure Watercraft was founded in 2011 by Andy Rebele who set out to make boating quieter and cleaner by putting an electric motor in a used 21ft Cobalt he bought on Craigslist. Over the past decade, the team he assembled have developed an outboard motor and battery system that wowed bass anglers and set the Electric Boat Association of America’s Wye Island Challenge record. .

In December 2020, the company secured successful funding of US $ 37.5 million and soon after purchased Elux Marine of Minnesota, which had developed a distinctive luxury electric pontoon boat.

The big news for Pure Watercraft and electric boating in general came on November 21 when it was announced that GM had taken a $ 150 million stake and would work with the Pure Watercraft team to develop new products.

Dan Nicholson, GM’s vice president of global electrification, controls, software and electronics, said, “Building on GM’s existing efforts to strategically deploy our technology in the rail industries, trucks and aerospace, the combined expertise of these two companies should translate into a future zero-emission navy. product offerings, giving consumers more choice than ever before.

Today, just 44 days later, their work is on display in Las Vegas. Pre-orders are accepted on the company’s website with a fully refundable deposit of $ 100. The first deliveries are expected at the end of 2022. In addition to the new pontoon boat, Pure Watercraft also offers a Bass Boat package, two RIB packages and a Rowing Coach Boat. Their 25 kW electric outboard can also be purchased separately.

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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