New Bedford mum searches for her 12-year-old son’s box of fishing tackle that has sentimental value – New Bedford Guide



“Hi guys, just looking for a little help. This is my son who is going to be 12 and has been fishing since he was 4… something that is his life basically.

Unfortunately, he left behind his tackle box at Sandy Beach Atlantic Boulevard in Cohasset with plenty of lures – well over $100. Later that day he broke his pole, a pole that was very sentimental that my dead friend had given it to him.

The lures are Cast Masters and Spooks. He is absolutely devastated! He knows it was his mistake. The tackle box was a Shimano tackle box. If anyone sees it around or if anyone tries to sell it, it’s a 12-year-old’s!

Photo by Lindsay K. Santos.

He’s almost to the point that he doesn’t want to fish anymore and I tell him not to get discouraged but he feels he never wants to fish again because that’s how he feels right now. The fishing rod he has is not easy to fix. His father tries to fix it.

He feels like he’s let a lot of people down. We just want to make her smile again. It’s more of a teaching lesson than a person looking for a document and I say lately with all these comments I’m reading Billy Hanson you are an amazing person thank you.

Photo by Lindsay K. Santos.

I go fishing with him in the same spot every night and that’s why I posted it – because the people I fish with know what my gear looks like. So someone took it when you left.

Yes, it’s his fault he left. There was a very nice gentleman who wanted to talk fishing with my son and tell him never to be discouraged because the same day his pole broke this man who was talking to my son lost his arm and told my son never to getting discouraged so I’m grateful for that person and I’m grateful for everyone who has offered to help.

When my boyfriend has a few extra hooks, he lets the kids fishing nearby use them because they don’t have many. I love seeing the kids fishing, they don’t get in trouble, it’s fun and it’s only a few months a year here in New England. I had a gentleman who wanted to donate and I told him I could take care of what my son needed and I wanted to help one of the kids we helped this year and this 17 year old we literally blew out of the water with the striper he caught, we were so proud of him.

I am not, however, grateful to people who laughed at me for having a broken phone that does not punctuate or spell correctly. Tech really sucks these days, but fishing doesn’t, which is why we love; to be on the water in peace……….peace outside. -Lindsay K Santos.

Photo by Lindsay K. Santos.

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