My oh my! Fry prices are skyrocketing


(WFRV) – Wisconsinans will leave this year’s fry season with full bellies and empty wallets due to rising fish and seafood prices.

According to the owner of Blue Harbor Fish & Seafood, Michael Parkinson’s seafood and fish will cost twice as much this year as companies grapple with supply and demand issues.

“We have to order about two months in advance and we don’t know what we’ll need, so we’re doing our best. Because we order as fast as things come out of the ocean and it’s just bottled up, everything is just bottled up,” Parkinson explained.

Parkinson, owner of Blue Harbor Fish & Seafood, a major local fish and seafood processor/distributor, noted that not only will most fish and shellfish be more expensive this year, but the products people have may have purchased in years past will not be available this time. .

“You’re going to pay twice as much for cod, you’re going to pay twice as much for haddock… We don’t have premium stuff… What you got last time, you might not be able to get it this time. We complement a lot of different products that aren’t usually sold,” said Parkinson, who added that crab prices were skyrocketing.

But those who aren’t quite ready to part with their dream of fish fries might not have to. Parkinson shared that Wisconsin residents who don’t want to break the bank should stick to freshwater fish or consider buying smelt, which would have been a popular fish this year and is less expensive.

“Overall, you can get good fish if you want it. You have to watch but you will pay. You’re going to pay and I can’t help it. I feel bad about it and I’m doing my best to keep my prices low, but I can’t see any way to bring them down,” Parkinson said.


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