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MILTON, Mass. – Classmates and teachers mourn the loss of a Milton middle school student who died while vacationing in Aruba.

Milton Schools Superintendent Thomas Jette has confirmed Cassidy Murray’s death, reflecting on her accomplishments as a student while attending Milton Schools. Cassidy Murray recently attended Buckingham Browne & Nichols Middle School in Cambridge.

“Cassidy was an outstanding and cheerful 7th grader at Pierce Middle School last year,” Jette said. “Cassidy has transferred to BB&N for this academic year. Despite her transfer, Cassidy left an indelible impression on her peers as well as the teachers and staff at Glover Elementary School, which she attended before Pierce Middle School.

In a letter to her school community, BB&N said Cassidy died in a boating accident while vacationing with her family in Aruba.

“Our entire BB&N community is deeply heartbroken as we mourn the loss of Cassidy. She joined our college this fall and immediately created a unique brand on our campus. Cassidy had a special gift for uniting her classmates with her smile, her laugh, and her genuine kindness. People gravitated towards her, drawn to her great sense of fun and camaraderie. We hold the Murray family in our thoughts and hearts, especially his brother Adam who is in grade 10 at BB&N. Here on campus, we are doing our best to support our students and each other as we all navigate this incredibly difficult situation. To put it simply, we are devastated,” according to the BB&N statement.

“We all hold the Murray family – Linda, David and Adam – close in our thoughts and hearts. At this time, as we all struggle to make sense of this tragic news, we need to support each other, and especially Cassidy and Adam’s classmates and friends, as we navigate through the complex process of dealing with our grief. said Jennifer Price, principal of the BB&N school.

“Cassidy entered middle school this year as a 7th grader, partly at the strong recommendation of her brother Adam, a 10th grader BB&N who joined the middle school four years ago. She wasted no time creating her own unique brand on the MS campus,” Price said in her letter to the school community. “Her ever-present smile, infectious laugh and upbeat personality united every group she was in. Her classmates gravitated to her because of her genuine kindness and quiet modesty. Her friends knew from week one from school that she would be a trusting, warm confidante with a great sense of fun and camaraderie. Cassidy was also known for taking on new challenges with a sense of adventure and joy, which he s Whether it was acting class, where she was always up for any game or stage, or playing hockey this winter for the first time, after many years of gymnastics.”

Prince said BB&N will open its college on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for students and parents to meet with counselors, teachers and counselors.

“It’s so important in these incredibly difficult times for our BB&N community to be there for each other, both literally and figuratively,” Price said.

Milton School Superintendent Thomas Jette said he was notified of Cassidy’s death on Thursday.

“There are no words to describe the tragic loss of this dynamic young girl who had so much to offer and her whole life ahead of her,” Jette said. “My thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends and everyone who is deeply affected by Cassidy’s death.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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