Meet the Ironwoman paddling around Australia


What drew you to surf ski racing in the first place?

“Ever since I was young I have always admired Karla Gilbert and I remember taking on the big surf in Kurrawa (on the Gold Coast) on her ski and dominating the big waves. I saw these women wearing and paddling these 18ft / 18kg skis and thought it was the ideal display of strength and resilience. Initially when I was racing in the Ironwoman series skiing was my weakness, but as I got a little older I started to build my strength and learned to love the challenge of skiing. There is no better feeling than keeping this huge piece of equipment stable along a big wave. This is the ultimate dose of adrenaline!

Are you going to listen to podcasts or music while on the ocean?

“Absolutely! One of the things I look forward to the most is having my Speaqua (waterproof speakers) with me every day. Depending on my mood and whether I need something more laid back or pumped up songs. , I’ll have a playlist ready for the occasion. I also love listening to podcasts; Mama Mia Out Loud is my favorite. I also like the Rich Roll podcast which often features people who take on great physical challenges. “

And how are you going to sleep? And eat? What is the logistics?

“The logistics involved in the paddling are HUGE and most of the last six months have been spent organizing them. Fortunately, I have a very good team around me to help me. We will both stay on the catamaran and arrive ashore at different times, depending on the conditions. For example, there are sections of the Great Australian Bite and Western Australia where we won’t come ashore for a week or two at a time as it is absolutely deserted with cliffs for hundreds of miles. So we will stay on the boat. Along the more “civilized” coast of New South Wales we will come ashore and stay at the accommodation. On the food side, we have eight people to feed so fishing will play a role in saving money. A meat company, Bindaree, has also joined us which will help us tremendously as protein is the most expensive part of the meal. In addition to the general food intake, I will be taking various protein and green vegetable supplements to help my recovery and my immune system and MegaBurn will help me with these.

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