Lake Leaser Hamburg Class of 2023 Travel Bonds


Leaser Lake is a local retreat where many escape to relax and spend time in nature. Its landscape includes a vast lake and surrounding trail, all of which provide its guests with wonderful places to swim, kayak, paddleboard, hike, and simply enjoy the outdoors.

The Hamburg Area High School Class of 2023 had the chance to visit this scenic spot for the opportunity to hang out and make memories together. Along with water sports, students were also able to take a yoga class, learn the benefits of a healthy snack, hike, get camping tips, archery, and ride a bike.

The trip was organized by Ms Kelly as an alternative to a regular school chore and proved to be an informative and fun opportunity to exercise outside the school grounds. This annual excursion was inspired by the idea of ​​Mr. Spohn (retired) to expose Hamburg students to the landscape around us. So, in the spring of 2017, Ms. Kelly proposed the Leaser Lake trip.

“He wanted us to find a way to get kids in PE class to kayak, hike, bike, etc. says Ms. Kelly.

She quickly realized that a 42-minute lesson period would not be enough for students to be truly connected to the outdoors.

“It was then that I had the idea of ​​organizing a trip to the lake for the senior class.”

This year’s trip turned out to be another successful outing.

“The day was great! Students and staff enjoyed it. The seniors were able to spend time with their friends and try new activities that they love and will continue to do in the future when they graduate,” says Ms Kelly.

She also notes that the weather conditions were perfect for a day at the lake, with sunny skies and a light breeze to make every activity enjoyable.

Senior Angelina Carsto agrees the trip was a great way to get out and learn something new.

“I thought it was relaxing and I enjoyed doing the water activities,” says Carsto.

Angelina participated in the hiking, kayaking and healthy snacks panel.

“I learned that healthy snacks don’t have to be complex and they don’t need complicated ingredients.”

Arianna Barata loved the opportunity to spend time on the water. When asked about her favorite activity, she was quick to respond with paddleboarding “because it was the most fun and relaxing part of the trip.”

Besides paddleboarding, Barata has participated in kayaking and camping. This year’s camping and archery stations were hosted by Cabela’s, so every student who participated received professional guidance from a certified instructor.

Overall, the class of 2023 had a wonderful experience at Leaser Lake and each student created great memories to remember their senior year.

Story of Hamburg Area High School Senior Emily Smith


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