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The ninth summer season of LA River Recreation Areas is underway with kayaking, fishing and other activities.

The Los Angeles River Elysian Valley and Sepulveda Basin recreation areas, managed by the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, opened on Monday. The areas offer opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and more along the LA River.

Here’s what to know about the recreation areas, open from sunrise to sunset until September 30.

What are LA River Recreation Areas?

The areas were established in 2014, giving residents a place to kayak, fish, bird watch, walk and more along the LA River. The areas are part of a larger 20+ year effort to revitalize and transform the LA River into a recreational greenway.

Only non-motorized airships, such as kayaks and canoes, are permitted. Click here for more information on kayak rentals.

Swimming is not allowed.

Where are the LA River recreation areas?

There are two areas – one east of Highway 5 in the Elysian Valley, the other in the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area in the western San Fernando Valley.

Access to the Elysian Valley River Recreation Area is at Rattlesnake Park at Fletcher Driver north of Riverside Drive or Lewis MacAdams Riverfront Park at 2999 Rosanna Street or 2944 Gleneden Street in Elysian Valley. The kayak trip is considered a physical challenge with flow rates between class 1 and 2.

The Sepulveda Basin River Recreation Area extends approximately two miles from Balboa Boulevard, south of Victory Boulevard, to west of Woodley Avenue. Access is via Balboa Boulevard north of Victory Boulevard. This trip typically has class 1 throughputs.

You can click here to check the river water quality and conditions. There may be low flow areas and rocks that require users to walk and carry.

Signs are installed to delimit the zones.

Kayaking on the LA River is back and just in time for the holidays, after a long, long absence. Gordon Tokumatsu reports for NBC4 News at 6 p.m. May 31, 2021.

“We look forward to operating the ninth season of the LA River Recreation Area,” said Fernando Gomez, chief ranger for the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority. “We want to remind everyone to take safety precautions when out on the river. You must wear a personal flotation device and a helmet. Also, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water. You will be in the sun. “

Click here for a full list of security recommendations.

Are permits required?

Not for individuals. Organized groups will need to obtain a permit from the MRCA.

Where is fishing allowed?

On the Elysian Valley site, fishing is permitted on the banks, 1.50 meters from the slope of the channel and from a boat. Fishing is permitted from a boat or from unrestricted shores at the Sepulveda Pool location.


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