Kayaking in the middle of thick mangroves in Parampalli


For a closer look at the mangroves in the backwaters of the Sita River, head to Parampalli in the Saligrama district of Udupi, where one can kayak amid thick mangroves.

Two young people, Lokesh and Mithun, started kayaking for visitors.

They got hold of the kayaks after investing the money to take visitors among the lush mangroves.

The kayak has been well received by visitors from the start.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the backwaters and lush mangroves, visitors can also get more information about the mangroves, Mithun said.

Lokesh and Mithun accompany the tourists during the ride to guide themselves and also to cross the thick mangroves by kayak.

The kayaking begins and ends near the Parampalli Bridge. You can also observe birds during the ride.

Tourists, in addition to receiving advice on safe driving, are also given life jackets for added safety.

“It gives a refreshing feeling in the middle of nature, surrounded by mangroves,” Mithun said.

No tickets are issued for children under 10 years old.

Children are admitted if they are accompanied by their parents to go kayaking.

“As the area is surrounded by the best mangroves, we decided to introduce kayaking. The water depth is around four to five feet along the stretch and people can easily paddle the kayak. You can kayak for a distance of 8 km, ”said Mithun and Lokesh.

“We have received a good response from tourists. Students from Manipal and Udupi are arriving in large numbers. Those who arrive in the neighborhood from outside also enjoy kayaking. Besides enjoying the beaches, tourists here can also take a look at the backwaters and mangroves, giving them a new experience, ”Mithun said.

For a two hour ride, the organizers charge Rs 300 per person. Two people can go in a kayak.


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