Kayak with dolphins and cling to sea turtles in the Bahamas


There are countless interesting destinations in the Caribbean, including many five-star resorts and laid-back hotels.

So when you wake up on a beach in the Bahamas, it could mean something has gone wrong.

But in this case, that just means you’ve booked a tent as part of Atlantis Paradise Island’s new Marine Life camping adventure. This new experience will have you camping (OK, “glamping”) on the beach, hanging out with dolphins, and roasting s’mores over an open fire. And it is available for booking until August 27.

If you make the trip, you’ll sleep in air-conditioned luxury tents along the shores of Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay habitat. Tents can accommodate four or six people and are a major improvement over the typical type that you would pitch yourself. Because these all-weather canvas tents come with comfortable beds, Adirondack chairs, and plush sofas, and come equipped with a mini-fridge, coffee, tea, and snacks, guests can add wine and beer at their package. There are adjacent bathrooms and showers.

Paradise Island of Atlantis

The Marine Life camping adventure also includes:

  • Kayak with Dolphins: Say hello to the resident bottlenose dolphins as you paddle among them in their natural habitat.
  • Guardians of the Sea Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Get an insider’s look at the Royal Towers Fish Hospital, Rehab Center and Fish Kitchen, and meet a baby sea turtle.
  • Twilight Ruins Snorkel: Experience the iconic underwater habitat in a whole new light, face down in the water while breathing through your mouth.
  • Dolphin Cay After-Dark Tour: Take a glowstick-lit behind-the-scenes tour of Dolphin Cay, where you’ll meet a pod of rescued dolphins and a family of sea lions.
  • Watch movies and play games on the nearby lawn, and have campfires at night to roast s’mores or warm your hands while you drink.

This new package is an add-on to existing reservations, so you will need to stay at the resort to participate. A portion of the proceeds goes to the non-profit Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, which is dedicated to saving marine species and their habitats in the Bahamas and surrounding Caribbean seas.

Aquaman would be proud.


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