Kayak activists join Joe Manchin on his yacht to ask him questions about the reconciliation bill



We have a new offering from the Department of Metaphors on our nose courtesy of Joe Manchin, his yacht, and a few kayaking activists. Throughout the extended infrastructure saga, it was felt that the major players were out of the reach of their constituents and the public, roaming the marble halls of the Capitol, occasionally answering the question of the price of the Bill of Rights. reconciliation or intra-Democratic Party feuds. Rarely does the West Virginia senator – or Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, for that matter – wonder why he is blocking the most important investment in everyday American families in generations, or why he opposes a critical framework for starting to seriously decarbonize our transport and energy systems. There is seldom much discussion of what is really in the $ 3.5 trillion bill, a list that includes tax code changes that would ensure the bill does not cost $ 3.5 trillion. of dollars. There is hardly any mention of the fact that we spend a lot more on bombs and bullets and planes that don’t work every year without even hesitating for a moment on inflation or the national debt. Invented nonsense like the systematic obstruction or the reconciliation process itself are taken for granted.

Sometimes all it takes is a few activists in a kayak, I guess. They floated to Manchin’s sprawling yacht in Washington, DC on Thursday and asked a few questions that need to be asked, creating a visual in the process that speaks just as loudly. Here is one of 100 Senators, imbued with superpowers thanks to the quirks of our constitutional system, leaning over the ramparts to speak to the common people below as they ask, without any despair, why we can’t fund. dental coverage under health insurance.

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Manchin always seems to stick with the idea that the bill is just too big and makes him uncomfortable. At least that points to the idea that there is a bill of a certain size that he would support. His compatriot in this mission to torpedo the domestic agenda of a president of his own nominal party, Kyrsten Sinema, can hardly assure us of this. Sinema has donors to nurture, but his strategy to avoid pushing through a set of vital and popular proposals is increasingly chaotic and impenetrable.

Arizona Senator would have left Washington on Friday as machinations on the two bills – reconciliation and the parallel bipartisan infrastructure framework – continue at a steady pace. There appeared a completely confusing missive in Axes in which anonymous “allies” of “the oenophile triathlete” spoke of her insensitivity to political pressure. (The article is obsessed with wine throughout.) Sinema apparently opposes excessive tax hikes on corporations and the wealthy, but she is also concerned about the national debt, but she has also played a central role in it. the development of the separate bipartisan bill which is “paid for” by accounting witchcraft. Moreover, no one cares about the national debt. They just don’t want to pay taxes to fund social programs.

Sinema survey figures take a turn, but that doesn’t seem to affect his calculation. And during that time, during those weeks and weeks of over-legislating, the West was on fire and apparently everywhere else in this country was threatened with drowning. Unemployment benefits reinforced in the event of a pandemic have disappeared, and more and more people go to work sick. None of this seems to matter? Just a completely confusing time to be alive.

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