Juneau Girl Scout cookie sales. The Southeastern Master Gardeners Weedy Wednesday. Fly fishing along Juneau’s road network.

Girl Scouts of Juneau sold cookies to Sen. Jesse Kiehl on the Capitol steps last year (photo courtesy of Sen. Kiehl’s office)

What is Juneau’s favorite Girl Scout cookie? Fine mints? Samoa? Or, Tagalongs? And what does the latest cookie, the Adventureful, taste like? Have you ever wondered what Girl Scouts do with all the money they collect and how much stays here locally?

Some of the questions that will be answered during the Juneau afternoon this Friday.

Also on this show:

  • The Weedy Wednesday Zoom gardening series, with Southeastern master gardeners on hand to help with any problems.
  • And the art of fly fishing along the Juneau road system.
  • Astronomy enthusiast Steve Kocsis talks about the Big Dipper constellation
Andy Kline hosts Juneau afternoons on Fridays.

Andy Kline hosts this Friday’s show. You can catch Juneau Afternoon, Tuesday through Friday, live at 3:00 p.m. on KTOO Juneau 104.3. The replay airs at 7:00 p.m. on KTOO. You can also listen online at ktoo.org.

Hanna Rising is a Juneau Girl Scout Brownie. She is 9 years old and in ninth grade.

Guests: Kimberly Vaughan, Juneau Girl Scout Service Unit Cookie Manager and Hanna Rising, Brownie.
Whether you’re the Juneau Girl Scout Cookie Sales Manager, a volunteer job by the way, or a 9-year-old Brownie, there’s a lot more to Girl Scout Cookie Sales than you might think.

On Juneau Afternoon, Hanna Rising gave host Andy Kline tips on how to eat “Adventurers,” the latest addition to the Girl Scout cookie line. Hanna told Andy to eat the cookie upside down, so you can better taste the caramel flavor of this brownie-inspired cookie. Hanna is 9 years old and in third grade (Photo by Sheli DeLaney, KTOO).
Guests: Corinne Conlon, President of the Association of Master Gardeners of the South-East
Weedy Wednesday, a Zoom-style brown bag lunch series, will kick off on Wednesday, March 16. Each program includes a short presentation and a Q&A session with master gardeners like Corinne Conlon, who enjoy sharing their knowledge. On Friday afternoon in Juneau, Conlon got into the Foodie Friday spirit and offered one of her favorite recipes, potato and leek soup, made with ingredients grown in her own garden.

Here is his recipe:

Guests: Brad Elfers, presenter of Fireside Lecture.
You never have to go far to use a rod and reel in Juneau. Brad Elfers, during a fireside talk on March 11, will explain how easy it is to get to great fishing spots. Fireside lectures are held at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. You can also watch online. Visit the Visitor Center Facebook page.
Brad Elfers owns Alaska Fly Fishing Goods. From the Cuthroats to the Kings, he’s often asked for advice on fly fishing in Juneau.
Guests: Steve Kocsis, Marie Drake Planetarium
Steve Kocsis, a volunteer at the Marie Drake Planetarium in Juneau, has a passion for talking about the skies above. He also doesn’t let Juneau’s cloudy skies get in the way. In this week’s segment, he talks about the Big Dipper, the constellation found on the flag of Alaska. You’ll hear the Alaska Flag Song in the background, performed a cappella by Chugiak folk singer Robin Hopper and family.

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