It’s peak time for walleye in Lake Erie


As summer fishing heats up across the region, walleye fishing is in full swing in the Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie, according to reports from several regional tackle stores.

“There’s a large amount of walleye in the 40-50 foot range on the west side,” Jake told FishUSA. “Although you have to eliminate a lot of 15 to 16 inch fish, there are some good sized fish in the mix. Jet divers with small scoops and deep dive plugs running 120 to 150 feet backwards with no weight or an ounce of weight were my choice of techniques. Flicker Minnows and Bomber 24A are crushing walleye this year, along with smaller spoons like the Dreamweaver WD and Silver Streak Mini Spoon.

Brittany at Poor Richard’s said some customers are doing very well with walleye on purple-bladed worm harnesses 35 to 45 feet straight out of Walnut Creek.

Perch Pirate customers have had good success on walleye and perch while drifting 30 to 40 feet from the edge of the dump at the Près Isle Lighthouse.

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“The fish are there and the bite is there! Map screens show lots of fish, likely due to the influx of Western Basin fish arriving in Pennsylvania waters. Bring them a bait, and it’s fish,” Bill explained at Tudor. “If you are interested in smallmouth bass, reports indicate they are also very active in the main lake now.”

“Dragging or drifting for walleyes – it doesn’t seem to matter,” said Chris of Elk Creek Sports. “The weather looks good for the weekend. Should be awesome fishing.

“I have excellent news for the east side… the perch! Kirk exclaimed to East End Angler. “I have received numerous reports of nice size perches at several sites: 52ft off the tip, 52ft off Hammermill Stacks and 55-60ft just west of North East Marina. We have also action for walleye, 38-53 feet from Shades Beach and 38-42 feet from the GE Stacks. Walleyes are near bottom in the morning then hanging out later in the day. Best bait was a night owl on a Worm Burner and Spoon Harness.

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Moving inland, the walleye’s only reliable bite is at Pymatuning. “Day anglers still catch a fair number of walleye by drifting or casting a jig-n-crawler or trolling worm harness. But larger fish continue to be caught around weed beds at night due to continued gaspereau spawning,” said Dave of Richter’s Bait. Largemouth bass, catfish, perch and bluegill complete the Pymatuning bite.

Shenango hybrid stripers roam open water, following schools of shad, Randy explained to Fish West PA. “With water temperatures still in the 70s, the hybrids are catchable. We caught several on swim bait in 17-18 feet of water near the drop offs. Schools of great white bass also follow the baits.With cooler weather arriving this weekend, the bite could last for a few more weeks.

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