How to fish in V Rising


In addition to the looting of villages and bandit camps in V rising, you will have the chance to fish. Just like in real life, you can catch a variety of fish, but you can also fish for rare loot. In this guide, we will look at everything you need to know about fishing.

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This will include the basics of fishing, the fish you can catch, treasures, and some of the best fishing spots on the map. Let’s see how to get a fishing rod so that you can start fishing for the first time.

Get a fishing rod

To fish, you will need to get a fishing rod. Fortunately, it’s quite simple. First of all, you will have to build a Carpentry Bench, which will unlock after defeating Rufus the Foreman. He’s a level 20 boss. located at the bandits’ logging camp in the woods of Farbane.


Once you defeat him, you’ll receive the Woodworking Bench Blueprint, along with the Fishing Rod.

Now you will need to build the bench with the following materials.

  • 12x boards
  • 60x animal skin

There is only one last step before you have a fishing rod! At your carpentry workbench, you will be able to craft a fishing rod with the materials listed below.

  • 8x boards
  • 4x Copper Ingot
  • 4x coarse yarn

With this you can start fishing. Next, let’s look at where you can do your fishing.

Fishing spots

You can fish on marked fishing grounds in bodies of water. As you approach the water, you may notice a bubbly white area. It is a fishing place; all you have to do is equip your rod and click on the spot.

This will cast your line and wait for the water to splash. Once that happens, click again to rewind your grip. Overall, fishing is pretty straightforward, just click once to cast, and once to reel.

After catching your prize, the fishing spot will disappear. If you want to continue fishing, you will need to find another fishing spot in a body of water.

Some bodies of water will have one or two places where you can fish, which can limit the time you spend fishing. Luckily, there are certain areas on the map that have multiple fishing spots.

One of the best places to fish on the entire map is at Brighthaven Docks. This area has plenty of fishing spots available to you. If you decide to fish here, beware of nearby enemies. This is a populated area, so we recommend having strong armor and weapons so you can take out any unwanted enemies before you start fishing.

Below, we’ll review a few more places that are great fishing spots.

Area Best fishing spots
Farbane wood
Dunley Farmland best fishing spots for dunley farmland
Silverlight Hills best fishing spots for silverlight hills
cursed woods best fishing spots for the cursed forest

There are several additional fishing spots on the map, but these locations have the most fishing spots in a nearby area.

Fishing spots will respawn after a while, so you can come back and fish again. If you build your castle near a known fishing spot, you can easily check if it has respawned.

You may have noticed that the Hallowed Mountains weren’t on our list. This place only has two bodies of water, however, players have reported that you will only be able to fish at the larger of the two locations, which is further up the mountain.

What fish can you catch?

Below you can check out the fish you can catch. These fish can be dismantled for bones and fish oil, as well as made with. If you have a jail cell with a prisoner, you can also give him fish.

fish species Where to find
big goby
  • Farbane wood
  • sacred marsh
  • Dunley Farmland
  • cursed forest
fierce stinger
  • Farbane wood
  • sacred marsh
  • Dunley Farmland
Rainbow trout
  • Farbane wood
  • Dunley Farmland
  • Silverlight Hills
Twilight Snapper
  • Farbane wood
  • sacred marsh
  • Dunley Farmland
  • Silverlight Hills
sage fish
  • Dunley Farmland
  • Silverlight Hills
blood snapper
  • cursed forest
  • Silverlight Hills
swamp dweller
Golden River Bass

treasure fishing

Finally, let’s look at treasure fishing. In addition to the fish above, you will be able to get a variety of rare items, ranging from gems to unique capes.

Below you can check out a list of some items that can be fished.

  • Recipe books
  • Precious stones
  • Raw
  • Normal
  • Flawless
  • Helmets
  • Cloaks
  • Crafting materials

That’s all there is to fishing in V Rising! Overall, fishing can be quite peaceful as long as you stay in the shade.

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