“Heartbreaking”: a fisherman in a kayak from ND saves a heron hanging from a limb by the beak


FARGO – Matt Nelson is no stranger to our local rivers – he makes a living from them.

Nelson has followers all over the world on his NDYakAngler YouTube Channel where he entertains thousands of viewers daily, racking up millions of views with his kayak fishing adventures.

In his latest kayak fishing video, Nelson encountered something unexpected. He was fishing in the Sheyenne River when he came across a blue heron hanging by its beak from a tree branch.

“He was hanging there, you could tell something was wrong,” Nelson said. “He looked lifeless, I thought he had perished.”

fishing trips on his NDYakAngler YouTube channel.” width=”1140″ height=””/>

Local fisherman Matt Nelson creates videos of his fishing trips on his NDYakAngler YouTube channel.NDYakAngler Video

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Not wanting to leave the bird in its predicament, Nelson set to work trying to free the heron.

“I was hoping to break the set (branch),” Nelson said. “I had my cane with a 30 pound braid, but it wasn’t strong enough.”

When that didn’t work, Nelson turned to Plan B. He returned to his van and retrieved his trusty blue rope. Use your fishing skills to attempt a rescue.

“(I) threw my decoy over the branch and used it to pull up the rope,” Nelson said.

It worked and Nelson coiled the rope until the small branch broke. The mark and the blue heron both landed in the water.

At first, the blue heron struggled to recover from the trauma. Nelson took him to the net and brought him to dry land.

Nelson said he couldn’t let the heron hang there, facing certain death.

“Fortunately, I was there to help,” he said. “In the right place at the right time.”

Watch the full Blue Heron rescue:

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