Gearlab Outdoor Rolling Float Wins’ Best Kayak Accessory 2022



Gearlab Outdoor Rolling Float Wins “Best Kayak Accessory 2022” Award by Paddling Magazine

Rolling Float is a kayak training device. It allows you to ride with confidence, with fewer wet trips and more elegance.

Doubles as an inflatable paddle float that will fit both a Greenland (narrow) or Euro (wide) style paddle for a standard self-rescue maneuver.

Gearlab Outdoor’s latest innovation wins the coveted Industry Award 2022 from Paddling Magazines in the “Best Kayak Accessory” category.

NEW TOWN OF TAIPEI, TAIWAN, December 15, 2021 / – Gearlab Outdoors beat strong competition last month to win the Paddling Magazine Industry Award 2022, where the rolling float was named “Best Kayak Attachment”. The blow came shortly after the Kalleq Greenland paddle was named “Best High Performance Paddle” by Paddle TV, demonstrating that the Taiwanese company continues to grow stronger and that its unique products are recognized time and time again by experts at. industry.

The Rolling Float further demonstrates Gearlab Outdoors’ commitment to providing innovative and cutting edge solutions to kayaking problems. It seeks to solve a common problem that many beginner kayakers face, learning to ride and overcome fear, while building confidence and developing good technique and habits. Described as “like training wheels for your bicycle,” the rolling float is designed to be gripped in a variety of ways when various rollers are practiced. Holding the rolling float increases the paddler’s buoyancy and makes the techniques much easier to perform, encouraging the user to activate their abdominal muscles and use their body’s natural buoyancy and balance. While learning to ride normally involves many frustrating failures leading to “wet rides” and cumbersome returns, the Rolling Float allows novices to learn a roller safely and easily, with practice.

As the experience builds and muscle memory is formed, the Rolling Float gradually becomes unnecessary as the paddler moves to roll with a paddle instead. It retains its usefulness, however, as it is also designed to be a paddle float, fitting on paddles of all shapes and sizes to aid in self-rescue techniques while on the water.

Co-founder Chungshih Sun was delighted that the unique potential of the product was recognized by Paddling Magazine.

“Everyone at Gearlab Outdoors is thrilled that our Rolling Float won a Paddling Magazine Industry Award. We love this product and are delighted that it is getting the attention we think it deserves. We hope it will help both instructors and paddlers to practice their techniques with ease and confidence and will become essential safety equipment.

Paddling Magazine is a quarterly publication beloved and trusted around the world by paddle sports enthusiasts for its expert buying advice, product guides and reviews, as well as adventure stories, destination ideas. and his latest paddling news. Its website is the first stop for many when looking for equipment recommendations and unbiased reviews they can trust.

Born in the subtropical region of Taiwan, Gearlab Outdoors has grown from a passionate small start-up to a world-renowned outdoor brand specializing in high-quality sea kayaking equipment. Its paddles and accessories can be seen in the hands and on the decks of paddlers around the world. The company is also dedicated to environmental protection, education and promotion of Greenland kayaking and paddles to the world. Gearlab is currently building on its successes in the paddle sports world and its talented team of designers, engineers and outdoor enthusiasts are expanding the company’s product line to other areas of the outdoors.

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